Well folks, I KNOW that I am late in talking about this…in fact, as you read this it probably has already passed.  The information is still interesting and the astrological significance is worth noting…and possibly doing a little thinking about the possibilities!

What the hell am I talking about…you might ask?

On August 28th there will be a total lunar eclipse.
Here are the times…in case you are having insomnia while reading this and you want to check it out!


PARTIAL ECLIPSE BEGINS:  1:51am PSD * 3:51am MST * 4:51am EST
TOTAL ECLIPSE BEGINS:    2:52am PSD * 3:52am MST * 5:52am EST
TOTAL ECLIPSE ENDS:      4:23am PSD *  5:23am MST * 6:23am EST       
PARTIAL ECLIPSE ENDS:    5:24am PSD *  6:24am MST

As I look outside right now here in Loveland, Colorado…we are having cloud cover.  I am not sure that I will be able to witness this cool event…but, I am gonna get up a give it a go!  If I can…and you decide to check it…lets say "HI" to each other while witnessing this amazing event:)

Bringing this a bit closer to home…meaning…how will this lunar event effect you personally, here is some of the jist of whatz happenin’!

This is copied from Claudia over at "Moonsurfing Ezine"


Get ready
for an emotionally disruptive Full Moon!

A total lunar eclipse pops the
tail end of a farewell to old self-sabotaging habits and patterns… and an
extremely challenging planetary set-up is divinely designed to trigger that
transition. It all tells you that you’ve arrived at a radical turning point and
change is a must.

You’ve undoubtedly felt the tense high-strung energies
building up for the past couple of weeks. I know I sure have. The Sun in Virgo
and Moon in Pisces respectively call for a balance between inspiration and
perspiration… between your dreams and the way you stay positively focused on
what’s really essential.

Four planets in mutable signs (read change,
change, change, change) challenge each other asking you to reflect on the
thoughts, beliefs, habits, and feelings that you put your energy towards so you
can turn a major corner or two… or four. Which ones support a world of unity
and a life of inner peace and which keep you disconnected and back-pedaling away
from the life you really want? What you focus on will definitely expand now.

The normal flow is being disrupted so old patterns can be broken up once
and for all. Remember that lunar eclipses are emotional and internal, so that’s
where the biggest changes have to take place now.

You’ll find clues to what this dynamic energy is asking you to recognize
and release by looking back in your lunar journal to March 18th when a New Moon
in Pisces rocked your world with a Solar Eclipse. You put forth intentions then
to say goodbye to undermining emotions, escapist habits, and limiting beliefs so
you could focus positively and create an all-’round healthier life. This is your
wake up call regarding how well you’ve done.

Now look all the way back
to August 27, 1988. Revisit what was important then and ask yourself what’s
calling you now. You’ll become aware of what you’ve got to complete, where more
faith and focus is needed and what still gets in your way. Focus on what your
heart tells you is true for you now. Flexibility, deep full breaths, compassion
and empathy are important tools to guarantee sanity. This is a very stressful
set up and nerves could be tightly wound, so patience and flexibility are
definite virtues.

A monster solar eclipse will pop major stuff and a brand new beginning
at the time of the next New Moon on 9/11, so don’t wait… be prepared to make
the most positive use of this awesome energy by joining our worldwide lunar
journaling circle today.

Even though this is an undeniably challenging
Full Moon, I always look at eclipses as cosmic opportunities, so remember that
this disruption and revelation of old emotional patterns and habits actually
collapses time and space for the length of the eclipse opening a portal.
Significant breakthroughs are promised, but you’re the one who has to step

Those of you with Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, or Sagittarius energy
predominant in your chart will feel this most keenly, but all of our lives are
being shaken up and prepared for a giant leap in more than one area.

If you’re feeling exceptionally frazzled… nerves
stretched to the max… don’t panic. Even with all the tension and challenges,
if you’re ready to surrender to your greater plan, release worry, focus, and put
a practical plan under your dreams, then this should be a good eclipse… even
though it will require you to say goodbye to some things. Emotional upheaval or
breakthroughs… both are possible.

While I’ve been writing this, my
computer has crashed again and again and the file seemed to be lost an equal
number of times. Repeated surrender to Spirit was key and that’s also what eases
your path at the time of this Full Moon. So don’t let all this energy make you
have a heart attack… open your heart, surrender your mind and nervous system
to spirit and really get in touch with what’s essential in your life.

Spirit does have a plan for you, but you’ve got to tune in. Intuition is
exceptionally high now, so keep your intuitive antennae turned up, take time to
reflect and be receptive and the messages you need will come flowing through.

Remember that you’re being asked to take a giant leap of faith and
radically depart from the past in some way. So employ radical compassion,
forgiveness, patience, flexibility, and accept change.

As T.S. Eliot
said… "Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far
one can go."

Thanks Claudia!
I recommend checking out her website and signing up for her ezine if you resonate with this sort of information!

Okay…then!  Lots of movin’ and a shakin’ goin’ on!
This conversation ain’t over!

Bye for now~

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