Ah procrastination!

One of the most hilarious lines I have heard is:  "Why do today what I can put off until tomorrow!"

In fact, I whip that line out once in awhile for myself~

So, what is behind procrastination?  What stands in front of our ability to get those things done…those things we say we want to do?  Who’s voice is it that says "Nah, you need to clean the toilet before you write that article…or go to the gym…or paint that painting!"?

When I sit in procrastination, I start telling my self all sorts of lovely things like:
"You are just being lazy!"
"You have no will power!"
"What the hell is wrong with you…just get off your ass and finish it!"

Who’s voice is this?

Well, folks…it ain’t just one persons voice…its my mom’s and a particular nun from grade school. 

And when these voices start to speak…I tend to do one of two things: I either start rebelling..my personal favorite, or I shut down…not so fun!
  At least when I rebel, there is a feeling of action…a feeling that energy is moving.  When I shut down, I stop completely.

Now. I must say that this blog on procrastination has taken me two days to write, because of procrastination….hmmmmmmmmmmm wonder if I am sitting in something.   Nah!!!!!!

As I work with many different types of people from all over the world…procrastination shows up…no matter what!  And I gotta tell ya…none of these folks are lazy.  Not a one. 
They are motivated, inspired people who want to feel good, healthy and free. 

So…what the hell is procrastination all about?

I think behind ALL procrastination is some sort of limiting belief.  Some voice saying something nasty. Our internal critic some how yankin’ our chain!!!

So what do we do with these voices?

I believe that annihilation is the only choice!

Clearing out that voice that tells us that something we want, is to be feared!  This voice gives us the feeling that we have the foot on the gas and the foot on the break! 

The voice:  "Yes I want that!"
The opposing voice: "Uh….no I don’t!!"

The voice:  "This will be so good for me!"
The opposing voice:  "Uh..nope…there is too much at stake here!"

The voice: "If I go for this I will be free!"
The opposing voice:  "NO!  If you go for this you will loose your identity!"

Ah, so much internal conflict!

So, how do we move past this internal conflict in the guise of procrastination?

The first step…is ALWAYS to notice. 
Noticing what you are telling yourself is key.  Noticing who’s voice is behind the critic can also be helpful.  It not only gives you someone to blame (and that always feels better than despair!)…it also gives you a way to dialog with this voice.  Challenging your thinking is a great way to shift this.

So…here are some questions to ask yourself:
*These questions come from Byran Katie : The Work

!.  Is it true? (yes or no)
2.  Can I absolutely know that its true? (yes or no)
3.  How do I react when I think this thought?
4.  Who would I be without this thought?

These questions will support you in pokin’ some holes in your thinking…which will give you a chance to think something else.  Maybe you can even create a new story that supports who you want to be….actually, a story that supports who you really are!!!! 

Limiting beliefs are mostly lies.  Its time to recognize these lies!  Its time to tell a new story!

Procrastination shines a light on lots of inner conflict….much of the time the conflict is between who we have been told we are vs. who we really are!

So, dear readers…who are ya really?
If you took away some of those limiting beliefs…what would be possible?
If you were unable to even think those limiting beliefs what would you be, do and have?

I welcome your comments!

2 Responses to “Procrastination…ah, forget it…I will write about it later!”

  1. i will come back later and post something….
    i just need to clean the house, also wash some windows, feed the kids, polish the school shoes, vacuum my room, etc…
    very provocative lynne..

  2. Hi Dominique…I want to respond to your response but I gotta drink my coffee, write another blog…but, I think that i will do that later, go excercise, work with a client…sweep…oh and I have a gazillion weeds that have taken over my world…I think they are alien pods or somethin’!

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