Yesterday, I blogged about procrastination and the limiting beliefs that are behind much of these sorts of behaviors.

There are other possibilities as well!

Sometimes folks procrastinate because there is some sort of inner wisdom saying:

"Don’t do that yet!" 
"The timing is not quite optimal…hold up a sec!"
"There is something better around the corner…wait to take action!"

And if you are someone who is….cough…thick headed (like me!) instead of hearing inner wisdom you hear a distorted voice–I will call this my inner rat fink– that is talking louder then the voice of wisdom:

"You are so lazy…just get up and finish this!"
"Your procrastinating again…and your a life coach…you shouldn’t be doin’ that!"
"You are making excuses why you shouldn’t be doin’ this….wisdom….ya, right!"

Now, much of the time I can hear the difference between my inner wisdom and my inner rat fink!  But, if there is a charge in there…a limiting belief of what is possible for me….forget about it!  I can’t hear the wisdom if it walked up to me and yelled in my face!

I will give you an example of something that happened to me recently.

My fella and I pay a zillion dollars for our crappy health insurance.  We are both self employed so this has become quite a huge financial drain for us.  We have been looking at changing companies…finding one that is less expensive and maybe even offers some coverage.  Well, we were thinkin about putting me on my fellas plan.  That would save us a little money. 

I got the paper work…and put the enormous packet on the kitchen table.  I don’t like paperwork on the kitchen table…so, I thought that this would help "inspire" me to fill it out.  Well, a few weeks went by and some how that paperwork was a magnet for other papers…mainly mail that I was not into looking at.  Catalogs…magazines…a million offers for credit cards.  After about a month of this weird sort of paper magnet creating havoc on the kitchen table, I decided to go through and sort everything.

Oops!   I had forgotten about the packet.  So, I put it somewhere else.  I told myself that I would do it on Saturday.  Of course, Saturday came and went and I remembered that I had told myself that I would fill out the forms…I had absolutely no inspiration to do this.

At this point, my inner rat fink came out and started fussin’ at me.  Blah Blah Blah!!!!

Well, to end this rather long story…about a week ago, I saw a commercial on TV advertising a health insurance company.  I felt inspired to look it up on line.  Liked what I saw.  My fella called the next day…we did everything over the phone!  We were approved yesterday and now we will be saving more money then we would have if I had stayed with my fellas company. 

Now, as far as I am concerned, this "procrastination" was my inner wisdom telling me to hold up…there is something better right around the corner!  Too bad I waisted a couple of weeks beating myself up for procrastinating!

So, how about you?

Ever put something off and later found out that this was inner guidance?

Ever put something off to later find out that something even better came along?

How about putting something off that you later found out would have been a big problem if you had followed through?

Something to think about!
Sometimes procrastination is the voice of wisdom.  And instead of beating ourselves up…we could be sitting in trust and gratitude of this brilliant inner voice…instead of listening to our inner rat fink!

Have an inspired day!

1 Response to “Procrastination…Part II”

  1. I was going to comment on this a couple of days ago but….

    OK, I totally get the whole “brilliant inner voice” thing and I love it when that happens AND I have had times when procrastinating has had far less desirable results. I’m not quite sure when I need to be OK with procrastination and when it’s just me not wanting to deal with something. (Can’t tell this is an issue for me, can you?)

    Well, since this is helping me procrastinate on my work today, I think I’ll stop writing and go see if I’m any more inspired to do something for a client–or not.

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