I first want to apologize for yesterdays blog set up….I realized this morning that because of my blog design, all the words from Claudia’s write up couldn’t be seen.  You can read all of the ezine on her site:  moonsurfer.com.

Since Self Sabotage is up right now and the possibility to break free from some old habits is clearly a part of this energy…lets talk a bit about what self sabotage is. 

Have you already clicked away?  If you decide to stay….I will make this as light and interesting as I can!

According to Caroline Myss in her book Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential  the archetype of The Saboteur is "the Guardian of Choice."   Here is a quote from Caroline’s book:  "…the Saboteur archetype is a neutral energy within you that usually makes itself known through disruption.  It can sabotage your efforts to be happy and successful if you are not aware of the patterns of thought and behavior that it raises in you.  It can cause you to resist opportunities.  The Saboteur is the mirror that reflects your fears of taking responsibility for yourself and for what you create."

Ring any bells?


One of the ways I still sabotage myself is when I receive an acknowledgment for some thing that I did well…I tend to reflect that acknowledgment back to the person giving it to me.

It goes something like this:

Other Person:  "Oh Lynne, you have helped me so much.  There are not many people that I feel so supported by and not judged by.  Thank You for all that you do!"

ME:  "Ah well, it is you who is doing the work.  Right back at ya babe!" (or dude…whichever the case may be!)

This is totally the voice of my saboteur who refuses to take responsibility for a job well done.  I appreciate that I can hear this voice now…and once take notice of it…I can shift it.  Sometimes, I am even able to say "Thank you so much!  I love our work together too!"

Baby steps for sure!!!!

Since the Saboteur is the "guardian of choice" it is one of the players in our ability to survive in this physical world.  The less choices we have….the less freedom we feel.  The less freedom we have the more we feel that our survival is somehow threatened.  The shadow of the Saboteur is showing up when we take actions that shut down our ability to choose things that allow our spirits to thrive. 

Think of the Shadow Saboteur as "of the mind."  The Shadow voice tends to talk from the voice of fear and feels very constrained.  The "Guardian of Choice" is more connected with intuition…with inspiration…with that which feels expansive rather than contracting. 

Remember to that intuition ALWAYS  ALWAYS ALWAYS feels like expansion!  It DOES NOT come as a voice of warning!!!!!!

Instead our intuitive voice says: 

"Oh, lets turn left today and stop by that store and see if that shirt is on sale!"
Once at the store you find that the shirt is gone but one that fits you even better is there and at the perfect price.  And on top of that…you find out that if you had gone straight home you would have sat in a traffic jam.

Intuition feels like choice….feels like freedom…feels like expansion.

Okay….so, here are a few questions that you can ask yourself to explore your Saboteur.

*Does this thought/feeling/action feel expansive or contracting?
*Does this action bring a sense of thriving?
*Does this thought/feeling/action bring me a feeling of bondage or freedom?

Look to the thoughts that shut you down and threaten your feelings of thriving….those just may be the Shadow voice of the Saboteur. 

Remember also…that this exploration is NOT about beatin the crap out of yourself…this is a neutral energy.  Think of it as more of a navigational instrument…it will tell you exactly where you are in your thoughts.  It will tell you exactly what you are afraid of.  With this knowledge you can then explore the thoughts that bring you a sense of thriving…of freedom.

If your Saboteur has been running the show in certain areas of your life for awhile…the first step is to take note.  What is the fear that is driving the shadow? 

There are some excellent modalities that clear fears out of the energy system.  EFT and LEAP are the ones I use…you could also try some Art Therapy, Healing Touch, Reiki, or even Yoga…whatever resonates with you.  Clear the fear…and that will lead to more choices…which will lead to a greater sense of freedom!

This is the time to look at this energy…it seems as though the energy of the planet, and the stars are aligned to help support this process!

Give me a call if you want some support!  This is definitely one of my specialties! 

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  1. Remember also…that this exploration is NOT about beatin the crap out of yourself

    Gee, who does that? 😛

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