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I want to welcome all the new readers that are stopping by.  "Musings From the Edge" is steadily growing and I love knowing that there are readers coming back again and again.  I invite you to comment and share when the desire flows through you.  It’s the comments that bring what I write full circle. I appreciate each and every comment…except of course, those weird comments that I have to delete that come from some spam machine that really wants me to have bigger boobs and a larger penis!  Hmmmmm not sure how that would work out!

Ready for the Tarot Card for this week?

This weeks card was chosen from The Housewives Tarot: A Domestic Divination Kit with Deck and Instruction Book.


Sharp tongued * Stern * Mournful

"This Queen has seen her share of hardship and sorrow.  Never fear…she’s pulled herself through the dark days by being tough as nails, with a cast-iron will and razor-sharp wit.  The Queen of Swords keeps a stiff upper lip and holds her head high in the face of adversity.  Unfortunately, she can also be a total bitch!  While it’s admirable to seem impervious to enemies, don’t unleash that coldness on loved ones!"

Oooohhhhhhh….good one!  Anyone feeling bitchy lately?   I love this card because as humans we sometimes have the tendency to be all repressed and smiley to the world out there…and come home and rip into the folks we love.  Ah stress…ain’t it grand?

So…what to do?…what to do?

Here are 5 ways to deal with your inner bitch (guys…you too are bitchy…so this ain’t just for the gals!)

1. State clearly that the bitch is back!  This one is my ultimate favorite.  Because it just gives the bitch some freedom.  When your inner bitch has taken over your mind and actions…let your loved ones know that this force is running the show.  You can say something like this:
"Alright everyone…I am in a MOOD so you better do what I say or stay out of my way…and hope that tomorrow is a better day!"

2.  Get the hell out of dodge!  This is a good strategy too.  If you know that you are going to rip everyone’s head off….leave!  Go for a walk…a drive (unless you feel like ramming your car into other cars!)…go into your bedroom and lock the door.  Get away from your loved ones so you don’t say something that you may regret later.  Breaks are great….so take one!

3.  Use duct tape!  This is for those times when you can’t leave.  You can use the duct tape for yourself.  Just cut a strip (there are more gentler tapes out there…but this one really sticks!) and place it firmly over your mouth.  If you must say something bitchy and nasty it will come out like this:  "Youafkfdjakfjlkjdffucksakfjdjaiuffafjkfjshitlkajdkf!" 
This way no one gets hurt!

4.  Clean your house!  This is a tricky one.  Cleaning and organizing can really release stress and gives the bitch something to really bitch about.  This could back fire….leaving the bitch even more bitchy at the family.  Especially, if what made you feel bitchy in the first place…was the dirty and disorganized house!  So…if this is your situation…turn it around!  Make your family clean the house:)  Watching others clean can really soothe the inner bitch…although this may back fire too.  Especially, if the bitch wants the house cleaned in such a way and the family JUST CAN"T DO IT RIGHT!!!!! 

5.  Sit down, by yourself and take a listen!  What is that bitch trying to say to you?  What is that bitch upset about?  What does that bitch want and need?  Writing in a journal is a great way to dialog with the bitch…let this energy speak through the pages without censoring….just let it rip!  Venting is an awesome way to get energy to start moving.  So instead of venting in a nasty way to your loved ones…because let’s be honest…they won’t really appreciate what you want to share…vent to your journal!  Your journal doesn’t mind and it won’t get its feelings hurt!

Well….those are my helpful hints for the day!
Talk to you soon:~)

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