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I have been thinking lately about this idea that we are here on the earth to "do our work." To work on ourselves and become "better" humans. I am wondering lately if that is really true. Maybe we came here to experience being in physical form. That’s it! No lessons. No need to become "better." No being punished for some other life. None of that shit.

Maybe…just maybe we came here to experience.

To experience what?


Maybe…just maybe there is nothing else to this.

Maybe…just maybe we are here to feel desire and then experience that desire fulfilled. To experience pain so that we have new desire. Desire is very strong when we are pain. The desire to be out of pain can be very intense. But isn’t that intensity part of the experience?

I am constantly evolving as a person…so are you.
But, what does evolving mean?

I think that it means that we learn new ways to experience this life. Finding the peace when there is war. Finding the compassion when there is so much sorrow. Finding the quiet when there is pain. Continuing to reach for some personal version of happiness even when there are challenges.

I think many people have the concept of "doing your work" kind of messed up. They think that if you have done your work you will not have challenging experiences. Some how evolving has translated into this sort of weird concept of perfection.

If you are doing your work you will have perfect health.
If you are doing your work you will have that perfect partner.
If you are doing your work you will have plenty of money.
If you are dong your work you will have a wonderful career.
If you are doing your work your life will BE PERFECT!

I just don’t think this is true. I think that growth happens.
We can’t help but grow.
It is part of our nature.

So, to make this conversation more personal to you…my reader…I would say…to BE fully in your life is all you need to do. Feel what you feel. Love what you love. Don’t love what you don’t love. Enjoy what you enjoy and let go of what you don’t.

It’s time to let yourself off the hook.
It’s time to acknowledge that ALWAYS you are doing the best you can.
It’s time to allow yourself to love YOU just as you are…with no conditions.
It’s time to allow yourself to love others…just as they are…with no conditions.
It’s time!

Wow! I guess I just needed to write a little rant. Its been bugging me lately. I am sick of this perfectionist…critical…eucky…view point.

Wew…I feel better.
I gotta fly…time to watch "Desperate Housewives."
I guess I will never be that evolved…because I love that show!!!!!

6 Responses to “Doing “our work!””

  1. It’s time to let yourself off the hook.


  2. Glad ya liked it:)

  3. Beautiful!

  4. Thanks Kerry~

  5. I could not agree with you more!!!!! After living my life, this far, I have finally started to allow myself to evolve. I do not try to fit into a mold of any sort or that anyone has in mind for me. Allowing this to happen has made my life SOOOO much more enjoyable. I am better for everyone to be around. I have less stress because I am not trying to be something else.

  6. Thanks so much for your comment Dharma! Isn’t it interesting that when we listen to our own voice we find that which works for us? No one else has the answer…no one else will know what will work. But we each know what works for ourselves. Pretty darned tootin’ brilliant!

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