Hello everyone!

I haven’t had much inspiration for writing over the last week.  Sometimes, I get in these spaces where my inner world is very quiet.  Lights are on…but, no one is home!

Until this morning….when I had a NEAR BRUSH WITH DEATH!!!!!!!!  At least that is what went on in my head!  That was my story for at least 10 minutes…it was a harrowing 10 minutes…let me tell ya!

Here is what happened.

Last week I had my…hmmmmm…how does one say this without being to personal…ummmmm…"ladies appointment."  The doctor did what the doctor does.  Such a fun way to spend an hour!  Anyway, when the whole thing was done, she said that they would call if there was anything to discuss with my test results.

Well, this morning they called! 

And left a message! 

This message said:
"Hi Lynne, this is Doctor __________’s office. Dr. _________ would like to see you as soon as you can to go over your test results."


After I erased the message, I noticed that the room was spinning.  And I felt all weird and light headed.  As I called the Doctors office back….I began to do some….hmmmmmm….let’s just call it "embellishing!"  I imagined that she would tell me that I had ovarian cancer and that I would need to start treatment immediately.  Then, I would loose my hair and have to borrow my friend Alix’s wigs (she had breast cancer last year and was very fabulous with the wigs she chose to wear.  I, of course would ask to borrow the long pink wig!).

Finally, someone answered the phone:
"Hi this is Lynne Morrell and someone called me about an irregular test result"

"Oh, hi Lynne.  Hold on just a moment!"

Oh shit oh shit oh shit…she even remembers me.  This is REALLY BAD!!!!!!!!

After about 3 million seconds, she returns to the phone:
"Yes Lynne, the Doctor would like to see you as soon as you can to discuss your test results!"

"Ya, I know that….but, what ARE MY TEST RESULTS!"

"Well Lynne, the Doctor can go over that with you when you come in.  How is tomorrow for you?"

"Wait…can’t I talk to someone right now.  I am kinda FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW!!!!!"

"Okay Lynne, hold on just a moment."

As I waited on hold…I jumped past all imagined treatments.  Somehow, I had died and was being buried in my back yard.    Ummmmmmm!  That’s not right!  I am going to be cremated.  Remember?  My fantasy was getting way outta hand.

After about 4 L-O-N-G minutes, someone came back to the phone:

"Hi Lynne?"

"Yep, that’s me!  Freakin’ out over here!"

"Oh…I am sorry.  Don’t worry.  It’s definitely NOT cancer!"

"Oh, I am soooooooooo relieved!  So, what is it?"

"Its called blah blah blah and although it is not very common we do have a treatment for it so blah blah blah you will be just fine.  blah blah blah."

I set up a time to speak with the Doctor and as I hung up the phone I realized that I just had a near brush with death….at least in my own head!  That was close! 


The room stopped spinning and I took a long deep breath.

I sat back.

Wow!  My thoughts sure did take me for a ride!  I think next time I am gonna head to somewhere a bit more fun and inspiring…like maybe Maui, or Alaska or Ireland…oh, Ireland sounds fun. 
…Mike and I hiking along the Irish coastlines…it’s a cloudy day and the mists come up and brush our faces.  We look at each other and smile…

Ah…that’s better!  Glad that I can bend this mind of mine to my will!  Off on my next mental adventure~

Have a groovy day!

8 Responses to “Near Brush With Death”

  1. Lynne, I’m so glad I was there when you called about almost having cancer. Since you almost died, and all that. Anytime you’re almost dying, you call me, right? We have a deal. 😉

  2. Thanks for being there for me with my “almost could have died” situation…its good to have such a fabulous friend;~) If I almost could have died again…I will definately call. I hope you call me too…if this ever happens to you. and do we have an accord?

  3. ok. u got my attention now.
    LYNNE – you are not allowed to die.
    Not yet. We still want to see each other and hang out. I still need to find at LEAST one hour to talk to you………..so please don’t die. K? I LOVE you!
    your friend from the too sunny and never rainy california , which is becoming a BIG problem.

  4. Ah Thanks Meherbani:) We definately need to chat soon…its been way too long! No worries….I ain’t goin’ yet…its only in my head!

  5. Funny story! Of course, I have no personal experience with that kind of thinking myself, so I just had to try and imagine what you were going through. 😛

  6. Hi Lynn,
    That is a great story that most women can relate to in one way or another. It is almost as bad for me when I get the letter regarding the results in the mail. A thousand things go through your head until you open the envelope and breath a sigh of relief that they will see you next year!!!! So glad to hear it all worked out well for you.
    Take care,

  7. Thanks for your comment Jenny. I know It is SO HARD to imagine…imagining the worst;) Nothing like a creative imagination…its a bit of a paradox for sure!

  8. I appreciate your comment Doreen. Yep, even letters can be scarey. I was watching TV the other day and heard some news caster saying: “What your gynecologist isn’t telling you…could kill you. Tonight at 5:00!” Oh…maybe that is part of what feeds into our fabulous imaginations…hmmmmmmmmm just maybe!!!!!!

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