Hello there lovely readers!

This is a quickie…but, very close to my heart.

I had the honor of talking to a man who used to be a client of mine. This guy is a brilliant, funny, charming man who has made incredibly brave decisions in his life. It was great to chat with him and hear how things are going.

I am saying all of this because I feel so touched to have the honor to support so many amazing people. Many times, I get off the phone after a call, my heart feels so filled and I feel so much……I am not sure what it is…joy might be a good word…at least something close to that.

I feel so amazed that I get to do the work I do. That these amazing people allow me to witness what is in their hearts, their minds and their souls. What a gift. What an amazing gift. I know that I do good stuff for folks…AND they do so much for me.

So, for those of you who are reading this, that I am working with now or have worked with in the past…thank you. You have changed my life. Knowing you all has been an amazing gift for me.

And any of you who I haven’t had the honor to work with…give me a jingle and you can be part of this fabulous exchange of energy:)

Well…geeze I am in a slurpy mood now aren’t I?

Ah well…I gotta go give my dog a hug! Anyone want to stop by for a hug? I am giving them away right now? Doesn’t happen too often:)

Have a fabulous weekend!
Thanks for reading!

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