Good day everyone!  (Imagine that being said in a light British accent.)

Woke up bright and early this morning…to a dark and lovely snowy morning.  I love this.  It feels so cozy and comfy.  Because it is so cozy and comfy….I just gotta have another cup of coffee.  I am supposed to only have one cup a day, due to an herb I am taking for this thingy that is going on with the ol' bod…I decided that since I have been eating cookies and chocolate for breakfast all week…maybe the coffee will help me digest all those sweets.  Ya know??????

So, I am sitting here with my second cup of steaming hot coffee…looking at the snow blowing softly out my office window…happy as a clam! 

I am definately a cheap date!

Okay…time to focus!

As January 1st approaches, many folks begin to take stock of the last year and make plans for the upcoming year.  Straddling the fence of the past and the future.  Making mental lists of accomplishments.  Making mental lists of those things that didn't happen. 

I have also noticed that folks use this time of year to beat the crap out of themselves!

I noticed myself doing this yeaterday!  It didn't seem to matter to me that I had a rough month of pain and that I didn't rip my clothes off and go screaming down the street!  It didn't seem to matter to me that I didn't strangle my fella or my kids during any of these clumps of pain.  It only mattered that I didn't make it to the gym or go on many walks this month.  My focus was only on the fact that my fanny was heading down south again!!!!

After beating the crap out of myself for awhile…I tuned in and heard what I was actually saying.  Yikes!!!  Let me put it this way….It wasn't pretty! 
It wasn't pretty at all!!!!!

This happens often with clients and friends.  It doesn't seem to matter how brilliantly they have lived their lives…they still find places where they are not good enough…not worthy enough…not loveable enough!  Fill in your favorite "not enough."

Now these critical voices have quite the long shelf life but we can quiet them down.  One of the ways to do this is build your internal gratitude muscle (or IGM for short).  This may take some time…but the more you focus on "gratitude", "appreciation", "postive aspects"…whatever words you like to use…the stronger this focus will become.  After awhile, that nasty little "not enough" voice diminishes.

One easy and powerful way to change your life is to start a gratitude journal.  I have been keeping one for years.  I don't write in it daily…a bit too free spirited for that!  But, I write in it at least a few times a week.  It reframes my life immediately.  My internal flow clicks in right away.  I can feel myself coming into alignment as soon as I begin writing.  It is magic!!!

If you feel inspired to do this…why not start right now!
You don't have to do this in a fancy pants journal…unless you want to.  I have a client who writes down positive aspects on post-its.  Just do it in whatever way that floats your boat!!!

Pick one…or two…or more!  Have at it!

*Write down 10 positive aspects about this year (2007)
*Write down 10 positive aspects that you appreciate about yourself
*Write down 10 positive apsects that you appreciate about your partner, your kids, your friends…who ever you want to personally acknowledge

The more you do this…the better you will feel. 

If you are a person who likes New Years resolutions, I invite you to add the resolution of appreciating yourself more,  appreciating your loved ones more, appreciating your world more….

I appreciate you reading this! 
Thanks and have a fabulous day!!!!

2 Responses to “Building your Internal Gratitude Muscle (or IGM for short!)”

  1. Hi Lynn and everyone,

    The above truly works. We are all so stressed usually!!! but each evening when I write five things I am thankful for before going to sleep it does help.
    I wish you and your family and everyone else reading this a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Stay safe, but enjoy.

  2. Thanks for your comment Doreen! Wishing you a very Happy New Year too! Peace~

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