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I have been intensely internal lately.  Doing lots of journaling.  Allowing what’s bubbling under the surface to come out onto the pages…into the light.  One of the ideas that has been floating around is the awareness that we are all living the dreams of the past.  We are living the thought form manifestations of our ancestors desires.

This shows itself clearly in all of the modern conveniences that we enjoy.  Some babes a gazillion years ago were bangin their clothes with rocks and hating life…wishing there was an easier way.  As each generations came forth…easier ways where discovered.  And now, we walk to our fabulous washers and dryers, pour in detergent…push a button and Ta DA!  All done! 

Living the dreams of the past expresses itself in so many ways!

I was working with a client last week (I will call her Sarah).  Sarah was raised with the belief system that one needs to suffer to reach the gates of heaven.  An old belief system passed down the line for sure!!!  Somehow God is hangin’ out keeping score!  Anyway, she has courageously worked through much of this religious abuse.  She has created a wonderful life for herself where she can write and live the freedom she so desires…but there is still a fear that she is NOT suffering enough to go to heaven.  So she can’t fully enjoy this fabulous life that she has created. 

Deciding to explore this fear from a different direction, we took a peek at a couple of her past lives.  In one of the lives she was a pilgrim…a young woman…who loved to read and write.  She lived with her father and this part of the life was fairly content.  When her father died, she had to marry and then her small freedoms were gone.  God said that the woman had to marry.  She had to follow the beliefs of her religion and community.  As we moved this lifetime ahead, Sarah sensed that this young woman decided to leave instead of living without any freedom….dying in childbirth or something like that!  Living the life that her religion and community told her she had to live…was just too much to suffer through so she left.  Brilliant indeedy!!!

The next life time that showed up was during World War II.  Again, Sarah saw herself as a young woman who dreamed of doing her art, living on her own, going to school to learn…being free.  When the war broke out, she had to put these dreams aside and go to work.  Here again, she saw the young woman suffering and putting her dreams aside.  When the war was over, this young woman had to marry…again living a life of obligation and suffering.  This life didn’t last long either.

Whether you believe in past lives or not is not important.  It doesn’t matter if this happened or didn’t happen.  It’s the metaphors that are key.  For Sarah, freedom is key.  Freedom to do art and express herself fully is a top value for her.  When her sense of freedom is altered she begins to suffer.  What she was able to notice is that she was now living the life that she had always wanted to live.  These woman that she connected with, wanted the life she now has.  She realized that she IS living the dreams of the past!

As Sarah sat in stunned silence, integrating this new awareness…I took this a step further.  Maybe…just maybe the thought forms of our ancestors are still in the air.  Maybe they still exist within us…and if so, maybe…just maybe it’s up to us to fully and completely enjoy all of this amazing abundance and freedom that we get to experience.  Our ability to appreciate all that we have allows our ancestors to receive some of the "all that we have." 

Cool session indeedy!

As I thought more about this and sat with this idea in meditation, I had a flash of something else.  If time is a figment of our imaginations, what if our appreciations and gratitude’s speak to those past ancestral yearnings?  Soothing those ancestral yearnings?  What if, as we acknowledge the wonders and everyday miracles in this life…our ancestors breath a sigh of relief and gratitude?

I get this sense of these time lines,
connecting to ancestors…the past,
connecting to this life..the present,
connection and moving out into lives that will come after us…the future. 

As I hold the intention of appreciation and gratitude, I can see these connections being soothed and healed.  All the way back and all the way forward…the ability to appreciate and be in gratitude goes across time…in fact, in this vision that I had…time didn’t really exist.  It seemed more about placement (the placement of past, present and future) along a continuum. 

SO, whattya think?

What do you feel about the idea that this life-time is a continuum of our ancestors lives…that we are living the dreams of the past?

How does it sound to you, the idea of being in appreciation and gratitude and by doing that you may be bridging the past with the present and the present with the future?

Can you see how this all inner connects?

Would love to hear some comments!

Have a connected day!

2 Responses to “Living The Dreams of the Past”

  1. That makes me feel happy and excited, that everyone who came before us is getting to share in the good things we have now.

    Way Cool!

  2. This whole concept really shines light on how interconnected we are…to our past…to our present and to our future. Love it!

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