Hello cutie patuties!!!!!

How is everyone doing today?

I have decided to share something with you all that does not shine the best light on me;) I am doing this because I have noticed a strange tendency for folks to project onto me this idea that I am a "got my shit together totally" kind of person. Well, if this has been your fantasy…let me take a moment to shatter that:) I am human…like everyone else.

Here is just one (of a gazillion) pieces of proof.

My fella and I have been together for about 12ish years…maybe more…I have difficulty remembering dates and numbers! Anyhoo, during these years we have had our ups and downs. One of my areas of challenge is that I like things "just so." Everything in our house has a place….and I believe that when you use something, that something really ought to return to its PROPER PLACE! My fella, on the other hand, has a slight (oops actually more than slight) case of ADD and he thinks that things should…I dunno…be put down ANYWHERE.

This has been a bit of a frustration for me all of these years.
*I am lying. I really just want to strangle him and yell: "SNACKS GO BACK ON THE SNACK SHELF….not next to the aluminum foil and baggies….WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU????????

But, I don’t yell. I am too damned polite for that. Instead, I mutter under my breath. Or "remind" him of the proper placing of objects…blah blah blah~

The bottom line is that none of this works. I continue to find snacks on the WRONG shelves, milk in the closet (yep, you read that right!), and a whole bunch of objects placed in the strangest of places.

To add to my frustration, when my fella does the laundry…. My clothes are put in the strangest of places. I find my clothes in his drawers…and on his side of the closet! Yep, you read that right! I find my undies and socks in his drawers and the rest of my clothes are hung up next to his. Kinda cute…but not really!!!!!

This happens because he has ADD and can’t help it and I am mentally challenged and forget that this occurs. I spend time looking in my drawer wondering where my undies and socks…"Didn’t we just do laundry?" I think to myself.

After awhile, it slowly dawns on me. "We DID just do laundry!"

Sure enough, I look in my fellas drawer and there are my undies…not folded…in a pile with his undies. Kind cute…but not really!!!!

So, I decided that all my "good communication skills," were NOT WORKING. Time for REVENGE!!!!!! The next time I did laundry, I hung his clothes on my side of the closet, and stuck his undies and socks (folded…OF COURSE) in my drawer. Then, feeling very good about this latest change of tactic…poured myself a cup of tea~

Next morning, my fella was looking for something to wear. I walked into the room feeling quite pleased with myself because I could see that this is causing him some stress.
"I will BEND HIM TO MY WILL….FINALLY!!!!!!!!" I think to myself.

"Huh….I thought you just did laundry." my fella says

"Yep, I did." I smugly reply

"Huh…where are my clothes?" my fella asks

"On my side of the closet." I smugly reply

"OH" my fella says and then proceeds to find the shirt he wanted and then goes off to the shower.


He isn’t upset….he didn’t even seem to notice.

I follow him into the shower. I tell him what I did and explain that I had spent all of this time plotting revenge. He just grins back. I continue to explain that I wanted to punish him so he would STOP putting my clothes into his drawer!!!! He looks at me blankly.

Like I am crazy or something!

It began to dawn on me…that there was NOTHING I could do to BEND HIM TO MY WILL. I had to make a choice:

I could be pissy and frustrated for another bunch of years.
I could just remember that when he does the laundry…things will be in various hiding places.
…or I could strangle him and call it a day!

I decided that I kinda like him…so strangling him would mess that up a bit. I also can’t hold onto being pissy for too long. I am not sure if I get bored of that emotion, or what. So, I have decided to let this one go. At least for now.

I reserve the right to change my mind at any time!!!!

5 Responses to “Good Communication ain’t what it’s Cracked Up to Be!”

  1. I can just see Mikes face smiling blankly at you while your upset!
    Somethings never change…..but thats why we love him !

  2. So…..Mike has been doing this since college?????????? Then there is NO HOPE AT ALL!!!!!! I need a drink!

  3. Lynne, What a hoot! Mike sounds like he keeps you laughing when you’re not ready to strangle him.
    Also, sounds like you had a bit of fun plotting that plan for revenge.

    Last night I learned a similar lesson with my teenage daughter. I visited her while she was doing homework in her chronically “not so neat” room.

    I noticed a plastic bag scrunched up on the floor against her baseboard. I picked it up thinking I’d put it in the “plastic bag bin” downstairs. I peaked in it and realized it held the embroidery needles she borrowed from me the night before for a project she’s working on.

    “Honey”, I said, “I’ll put this on your desk, it’s a good place for the things you’re working on, so you don’t lose them.”

    She furrowed her brow and said “But Mom, if they’re on my desk, I won’t be able to find them.”

    An aha moment for me–to my sixteen year old daughter–on the floor, in a scrunched up plastic bag, shoved up against the wall is where she put the embroidery needles so she could find them. In her mind, it is a place, a perfectly reasonable place, to keep craft supplies.

    Perhaps, everything does have it’s place to those like my daughter and Mike…they’re just places our “neatnik” imaginations don’t reach. (ie. the undies of both members of a couple can go in the same drawer. Hey, why have to use up two drawers when one will do!)

  4. Hilarious Kerry! I love that idea. Everything does have its place in the minds of our kids and fellas…I guess the thing to realize is that there is NO SUCH thing as common sense…because what makes sense to “us” may not make sense to “them”!!!!

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