This time of year has everyone asking:
"What are your New Years Resolutions?"

I over heard a conversation at Barnes and Nobles:
Woman One:  "What are your New Years Resolutions?"
Woman Two:  "Uh…I hate that question…I don’t have ANY!"
Woman One:  "Seriously?  Well, you need something.  Maybe you can start going to the gym!"

Since when did New Years resolutions become a "must have?" 

This conversation reminded me of when my boys were younger and someone would ask me: "What are you doing with your kids this summer?"  And this someone would proceed to tell me all of the gajillion activities that she had her kids signed up for.  I would usually mumble something about "going to the beach alot."  These sort of moms would look shocked and act like I was the worse mom ever.  I just wanted to spend the summer hangin’ out being free!

Okay…so that might be a different blog topic. 
Back to resolutions…

So, if you are someone who is feeling bad because you don’t have any New Years resolutions here is a different way to bring in some expansive energy to enjoy!

Here are a few questions to sit with:

"What do I find fascinating?"
"What peeks my curiosity?"
"What kind of books do I enjoy reading?"
"What kind of movies do I love to watch?
"What kind conversations do I find fascinating and fulfilling?"

When you enjoy that pulse of fascination, you are sitting near or on top of something that could be a passion.  If you can, stay in the NOW of this fascination…try not to glide over   it.  Allow the feelings of this fascination to flow over you and through you. 

Now, where lots of folks…me included… get into a bit of a cuffufle with this compulsion to go into some sort of action.  Here is an example:  Say you have a fascination with yoga.  You love doing yoga and you love reading about it.  Lots of curiosity here.  Right away, your mind goes into:  "I know I will become a yoga instructor! This will be my New Years resolution…to become a yoga instructor!"  You spend some time in the excitement of this…but, you are unable to sustain the vision. 

How come?

Well, my lovely readers….you went into action too soon or this fascination/curiosity with yoga is something that you enjoy…JUST CUZ!!!!!  Your inner you isn’t desiring anything other than the enjoyment of doing yoga and learning about yoga.

Now…this next statement is going to blow your minds.

Why not allow yourself to enjoy these fascinations…these curiosities…JUST CUZ!!!!
Just cuz they are fun!
Just cuz it feels good to be fascinated in something!
Just cuz it feels good to be curious about something!

And when that friend asks you:
"So, what are your New Year’s resolutions?"
You can say:
"I am playing with all those parts of this world that I find fascinating…thanks for askin;"

Have a fascinating day!!!!!!

2 Responses to “What if you don’t have any New Years Resolutions?”

  1. Oh yeah, I’m much happier since I gave up New Year’s Resolutions!

  2. Me too!!! I never followed through with them anyway…then I spent all this time beating myself up. Nice way to spend the month after New Years!!!!

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