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I work with many folks who step into the depression and despair due to traumas and life difficulties.  Most of us have em’.  We flow in and out of the blues during various times of our lives and under various conditions.

We have our highs…yippeeeeeee!!!!

We have our middle place…sometimes boring, sometimes not!

…and we have our lows.  Give me a gun!!!!

We all have em. 

No exception.

Doesn’t matter how much "work" you do on yourself….life is gonna happen and sometimes life is gonna happen hard. 

I am talking about this because we all can be so hard on ourselves when we land in the middle or take a dive down into the lower realms. 
I recently had a client say to me:  "I know this doesn’t sound very enlightened Lynne, but I feel very sad and depressed!"

I stopped her right there!  I just wanted to wrap her in a cozy blanket and make her some chocolate chip cookies!!!!

Since when did being "enlightened" have anything to do with whether we are sad or depressed?  Do we have to be "happy happy joy joy" all the time in order to claim enlightenment?  Are we not allowed to dip down into the fussier of emotions?  If that is the case, I am so far off the mark, I might as well call it a day! 

I want to dispel this myth right here…right now!!!!
I am sick of it!!!
I am tired of fabulous people feeling bad about themselves because they have a dip in their sense of emotional well being!!!

We are all here…which means every single one of us is worthy…which means every single ones of us is enlightened.  Even stupid people!!!!  Even your spouses who "don’t get it!"  Even your friends who keep making "the same mistake over and over again!"  Even yourself…who is far from perfect!  We all have moments of grace.  We all have moments of brilliance.  We all have moments of sheer stupidity.  We all have moments of joy.  We all have moments of boredom.  We all have moments of despair!

In fact, let’s just take "being enlightened" out of our conversations.  Because at the root of judging yourself or others as not being very enlightened is not feeling worthy.  And guess what?  You are here on this planet!  You are worthy!  Its a done deal!

You don’t have to prove a damned thing!

So, the next time you feel down in the dumps because of this, that and the other thing…I want you to notice what you are telling yourself this dip means about you. Notice if you have any judgments.  If you find some judgments hidden under some rocks, I want you to challenge those little suckers. 

Ask yourself: 

  • Is that true?
  • Can I absolutely know that it’s true?
  • How do I react when I think that thought?
  • Who would I be without that thought?

These questions will help you loosen the judgments up.  Once the judgments feel a bit loose then you can pat yourself on the back. 

"Yay me!  I challenged my thinking!"
"Yay me!  I stopped making myself wrong for feeling depressed!"

Just that shift in the judgement will soften the depression. 

The next time you have a dip in your emotions…be nice to yourself.  Love yourself up anyway!!!  Give yourself a break!  Know that you are worthy no matter what! 

Imagine me wrapping you up in a nice cozy blanket and making you a nice, yummy batch of chocolate chip cookies.

You are alive!
You are worthy!
Enough said!!!!

6 Responses to ““being enlightened””

  1. Thanks for the pep talk Lynn. All true and good to remember. Rock on!

  2. LOVE it!! Thank you :)

  3. Maybe i need to change my blogs name to “Lynne’s pep talk!” That could be kinda fun!! Have a groovy day Doreen~

  4. Perfect for I am at right now, thanks lady!

  5. I hope you babes are not “guilt commenting.” I love your comments but….its okie dokie if ya don’t wanna comment! (See “Is anyone out there” blog). I didn’t mean to make anyone feel bad;)

    Thanks for the comments though…I LOVE when we all hang out and have a chat!

  6. I’m so glad that I have found your post. I have been unsure of this topic for some time and you have enabled me to understand it a whole lot better. I really appreciate it. I was reading a post a while ago that helped me in the same way that yours has.

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