Hello all of you wonderful folks!
I woke up this morning to a blanket of snow outside. To the sun shining.  Everything is white and glistening.  As I look out my window, I see two little bunnies eating something yummy.  I don’t know what they are eating but, whatever it is…they are intent on it!  There are birds at the bird feeders busy with eating and socializing. They have lots to chat about this morning! 

Yes, our back yard is like a strange Disney movie…bunnies hopping, birds singing, mice dancing about in the garden…once and awhile a hawk comes to hang out and scares everyone away.  This mini world brings me many giggles and it’s lots of fun for me to make up little stories about what is going on!

Which leads me, quite nicely, to my topic for today!  Making up little stories about what is going on!  I do this often!  It seems that instead of shutting up and listening…I would rather make up some fancy pants story.  This has become very apparent to me in the last handful of days. 

Here is what happened:

A couple of months ago, I decided to stop taking this particular powder (nutritional supplement) that I had been on for about 7 months.  I had heard of something new that wasn’t as expensive as what I had been on. 

I thought to myself: 
"Well, this isn’t helping me as much as I am thinking…so I am going to try something new!"
Did ya catch that phrasing?
Note to self:  If I am having improvement with something….stay with it!!!!!!!  If I am having improvement with something…notice the improvement…acknowledge the improvement!!!!

Ah, DUH!!!!!

SO, I decided to try this new product.

Well, my health blip symptoms have been slowly coming back every since.  Did I notice the connection with changing products?


Did I come up with all sorts of stories as to what was causing the symptoms to come back?


Did these stories have anything to do with me changing products?


Not only did I make up a bunch of bogus stories…but, my body was telling me all along that something wasn’t working.  I was too busy making up stuff to listen to what my body was saying. 

What were some of the stories?
You really want to know?

Well, they explored various versions of how much I suck to how I need to do more "work" to become more enlightened so that this pain won’t come back anymore.  No Disney vibe here!  No bunnies romping.  No birds chirping!  No mice dancing! Just plain old carnage!!!!

So, this weekend…after days of pain and abuse…I decided to shut up and spend some time listening to my body.

Well, it had lots to say.
I tried to interrupt a few times…but, it just talked right over me. 

Okay, I get it! 

I got a theme goin’ on here. 

Shut up and listen to my kids (See "shut up…and listen), and shut up and listen to my body.  Just shut up and listen!!!!

Glad to know that I don’t need to be beatin’ over the head with a big stick!!!!!

So, I did. I shut up and listened.  I wrote a gazillion pages in my journal allowing my body to have its say through the writing.  And again, I was reminded of how much my body loves me and is doing its best to take care of me.  It reminded me of some things that help it feel better and it reminded me of how much better I really am feeling.  I am healing!  I am so much better than I was a year ago…and a year before that. 

Thanks body! 

I appreciate how patient you are with me…I can be a bit slow on the uptake!

I appreciate your guidance.

I appreciate that you never give up.

I appreciate that you do know how to heal.

I appreciate how well you take care of me even when I am beating the crap out of you.

I appreciate you!

Thanks body!

So, lovely readers…what is desiring your undivided attention within you?

What parts of you are crying out to be heard?

In what ways do you judge your body and make it wrong?

How could you shift this?

What does your body want from you?

In what ways can you honor your bodies desires?

…and remember to be nice to yourself…even if you have not been listening for awhile!  You are doing the best you can!

Peace to you and to your body~

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