Istock_000000415701xsmallHello fabulous readers!

I was out and about yesterday shopping for some this and that.  The overwhelming advertisements for Valentines Day was thick in the air.  Pink, red and white…oh my!!!!  Oh and lots of heart shaped decorations. 

Now, this didn’t inspire my inner romantic to come out and play…do I even have an inner romantic?  Hmmmmmmmm~  Rather, this inspired my inner rebel to come out and play. I was making wise cracks about this, that and the other thing.  I was on a roll, which I thought was hilarious when my fella turned to me and asked:  "What has gotten into you?"  After some smug remarks shot back at him, I wondered about this rebelliousness oozing out of me. 

What has gotten into me?

Now, I am person who is surrounded by love and sends love out by the bucket fulls.  I love love!  My work with people is all about the love of self and sending that love out into the world.  So, how come Valentines Day bugs me so much?  You would think that I would be the kind of person who makes glittered hearts and hangs them on my front door.  Actually, I did do that a few times when the boys were young…but, that was an art project we did together and they wanted to place it in a spot to be witnessed by the world.  This spot happened to be the front door!

So…here it is…ready?

What bothers me about Valentines Day is that some how all the advertising, and bombardment of "LOVE" during the weeks preceding this day, wakes up the "Love Critic!"  Do you know who I am talking about?  That inner beast that uses this time of year to point out all the problems that you have with love.  The inner critic is live and well…living in a town close to you!

And since I was on a roll making wise cracks about this advertisement and that advertisement…there was a good chance that my inner love critic was somehow being activated. 


That is what was happening! 

My inner love critic had been whispering sweet nothings in my ear for about a week.  And since I had been unconsciously shoo-ing it away…it was beginning to yell at me! 
It tends to say the same things:  I suck because (fill in the blank…different things on different days!)

And since it likes to be right…it had been gathering proof for awhile!!!

Sneaky little sucker!

Okay.  So, now that I was able to hear what it was saying, I was able to do some this, that and the other thing to soften its steady voice. 

I have decided to not only send out valentines to all of those folks that I love…I am going to also send one out to me.  Because even though I can find all of this proof of how I am not loveable, I can also find lots of proof that I am loveable.  Where do I want to put my focus? 

Where do you want to put your focus.
Remember where ever we put our focus we can find proof that we are right. 
We get to choose what direction we want to take!

So, if you feel inspired…and even if you don’t, send a lovely love note to yourself.  Not just for Valentines Day…but, for everyday!   Loving others is a wonderful thing…loving the self is the tough one.  It is where most of us have a struggle. 

Wishing you a life time of self love~

2 Responses to “The Love Critic is live and well!”

  1. That Lynn, is great point!
    We all struggle with that one. HAPPY VALLENTINE’S DAY TO ALL AND PEACE,

  2. Happy Valentines Day Doreen~ Lots of love to you!

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