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Hope you all had a good weekend.

We had some rather contrasting weather here in Colorado.  Snow on Saturday then all clear and sunny by the morning!  By Sunday afternoon, most of the snow was already melted.  This of course makes everything smell so good! When I went outside this morning to feed the birds, the earth smelled ALIVE.  So, I plopped down on the ground and took some deep breaths and felt all giddy.  I am definitely a cheap date!

Last night was the second show of "I can make you thin."  This show focused on emotional eating.  This is a very important piece of weight and weight loss.  To address the emotional issues, the host showed the audience how to do tapping (EFT).  He did not show all the points and used a modified version of tapping.  If you want to learn all the points, feel free to go to my EFT page or visit Gary Craig’s site.  Gary offers a free book to download which goes into a deeper discussion on tapping.

If you are someone who wants to loose weight, you have to address the emotional issues.  If you don’t, the behavior of eating when you are feeling will continually come into play.  People eat to satisfy all sorts of emotions…from happiness to despair.  From frustration to boredom.  If you are eating for any other reason then hunger….you are emotional eating. 

If you have been emotionally eating for a long time, you may not know when you are hungry…or even full for that matter.  That’s okay.  It may take a little observation and some tuning into your body…don’t worry, you will soon become aware of the feeling of hunger and the feeling of being full. 

Okay…so let’s say, you are an emotional eater.  Now what? 
This is were the tapping comes in handy.  But, before you use the tapping…you need to tune into the emotions that you are feeling.  Let’s say that you notice that you eat out of boredom…this is actually a very common eating trigger.  Why?  Because for some of us, boredom is tantamount to death!  Yes, that’s right…for some of us even acknowledging being bored is enough to push us off a cliff.  This is a great time to use this handy dandy tapping tool.  It would go something like this (tap along cuz it really works!)

Begin by rating how strong your craving for the particular snack is (0-10…10 being if I don’t have this now I will go stark raving mad!!!)

Start with the sore spot or karate chop point…which ever one floats your boat!
"Even though I am BORED out of my skin, and I hate this feeling, I KNOW that eating a piece of chocolate (
fill in your whatever is your food of choice) will cure this feeling, I accept myself and how I feel."

"Even though I can’t stand this feeling of boredom, I would rather poke my eyeballs out! I accept myself and how I feel and I am doing the best I can!"

"Even though I am so bored and I am overwhelmed by feeling bored, I accept myself anyway and I know that I am doing the best I can!"

Now tap on the points
Eye Brow:  Bored out of my mind
Side of Eye: I hate this feeling
Under Eye: Eating this _________ would be better than this boredom
Under Nose: Yummy ___________
Under Chin: Yummy ___________ (you could make your voice like Homer Simpson:))
Collar Bone: Bored, Bored, Bored (say this with some drama)
Under Arm: I hate being bored
Top of Head: I accept myself anyway

Now, go back and tune into the craving and rate it 0-10.  Has it changed?  Has the craving lessened?  Keep going with the tapping until you are down to a "1" or "0".  Use whatever words you want for the tapping statements…be as specific as you can.  Just remember to do a rating before you tap and after you tap…that way you can measure improvement.

Sometimes, there are some memories, beliefs, fears…that are too upsetting to look at on your own.  If this is the case, give me a call and I can do some sessions with you to clear these blocks (shameless plug…I know!!!).

Please share your comments to the tapping or if you are watching the show…what you think of it. 
Have a fabulous day!

2 Responses to “I can make you thin! Part Deux~”

  1. I have been using EFT for just over a year. It has become so much a part of my life that a day doesn’t go by that I don’t use it. I have used EFT with emotional issues from the past, pain, anxiety, fears like public speaking, and performance issues to name a few. I use EFT on everything and can’t imagine my life without it. I love EFT so much that I now coach people on how to use it and get the most out of it. I LOVE it!

  2. Hey Joy~ Welcome to my blog. I love meeting fellow EFTers….we are such a fabulous group of folks! I use EFT with all my clients now, on my dog, my fella, friends (I drive them nuts with this) and of course…on myself. Pretty dandy tool indeedy~
    Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm!

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