Hello fabulous readers.

I saw a new show this weekend called "I can make you thin."  The host of the show, Paul Mckenna, is a familiar name to those of us who have studied and use NLP.  What drew me to the show, was the name…and in the commercial it looked like the audience was tapping. 

The show was about an hour long…and really could have been 15 minutes…but, the information that was shared was exactly what I share with the folks I work with.  Yep, I know!  I am tootin my own horn…but, it was just too exciting to pass up!

Let me quickly summarize his 4 rules:

1.  Eat when you are hungry
2.  Eat what want…not what you think you should.
3.  Eat consciously
4.  STOP when you are full

Whaddya think?
Too easy?  Crazy talk?  Airy-fairy crap-ola?

I have used this model with folks that I work with, partnered with EFT (tapping) and it really works.  There is more too it…but, these are the basics.  You also want to add some movement to your day that gets your heart rate up and stretches your muscles.

Let’s have a chat about each of these rules…k?

The first rule…eat when you are hungry, is all about listening to your body and NOT starving it.  In fact, starving your body, just messes up your metabolism.  Ever been on a diet that you were hungry all the time?  Well, you will remember that you probably lost weight…but as soon as the diet was over, you gained it all back…and sometimes even more weight was added!  When your body goes into hunger mode…it starts freaking out wondering when the next meal is.  Because it doesn’t know when the next meal is…it starts to hold onto any calories that do come in…pretty smart huh?

Moral of the story?  EAT WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY!!!

Rule #2,  eat what you want…not what you think you should eat, this one usually freaks people out.  They hope its true…but, it goes against EVERYTHING they have ever learned about weight loss.  One of the brilliant babes that I work with, was so scared to start talking about weight because she did not want to stop eating her yummy french fries and having coke.  Well, no problem!  When I told her that she could still eat that…she was stunned…to say the least.  She did not believe me.  But, let me tell ya…she has magically lost 9 pounds…over the last month without giving up eating the foods that she wants. Actually, this is not really magic at all!

The next rule, eat consciously, is an important part of weight loss.   When you eat…really be present with your food.  On Paul’s show, he had folks chew at least 20 times with each mouthful.  He also instructed folks to put their forks down while they chewed. Great idea!  When you are fully present with your meal, you tend to enjoy the food more and you start to notice when you are actually full.  In this country people eat way more then is needed or even wanted by the stomach.  Many of the folks that I work with, don’t always know when they have had enough food…they are not sure when they are full…eating consciously will help this.

As you eat consciously, you will begin to notice when you have had enough.  Which leads brilliantly to rule #4…stop when you are full.  This rule can be challenging for folks if they are part of the "clean plate club" or they have been taught to never waste food.  This is one of the places that EFT works really well.  Clearing these beliefs so that you can feel good leaving food on your plate…better on your plate then on your fanny!!  Now remember, you don’t have to worry about not getting enough food….cuz you eat when your hungry (rule #1)! 

I will blog more in depth each of these points over the next couple of days.  I am also planning on watching each show (there will be 5 shows total) and I encourage you to watch them too.  The times are listed above on the link.

Finally, mainstream America is ready to stop punishing themselves to loose weight.  I am very excited about this. 

What are your thoughts and feelings about this?
Please feel free to share here:)  Would love to hear from you!

Have a yummy day!!!

2 Responses to “I Can Make you Thin!”

  1. Actually, it’s ELEVEN pounds now :)

  2. Yahoo! Congrats Jenny! Nothing like loosing weight and eating everything you want! Thanks for sharing:)

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