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I am feeling just dandy this morning. Woke up feeling refreshed and rested. Now, I am having my yummy cup o’ joe and writing to you. Soon I will be working with some fabulous folks…and then I will be off on a walk and then some gardening…and who knows what else.

Not too shabby!

To add to my happy morning, I read the following paragraph in Rob Brezney’s news letter and I decided to share it with you!


In his book Animals and Psychedelics: The Natural World and the Instinct to Alter Consciousness, ethnobotanist Giorgio Samorini proves that many animals deliberately alter their consciousness. His evidence includes robins that get drunk on holly berries and act "like winged clowns," as well as goats hooked on caffeine and reindeer that seek out hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Samorini concludes that the desire to get high is a natural drive. Intoxication has served as an evolutionary force for some species, breaking down outworn habits in such a way as to improve long-term survival.

I have thought this for so long…since I had small kids. My boys used to run around in circles until they were so dizzy that they fell down. They also used to love to sneeze. Anything that got them dizzy or made their stomachs drop…they were gonna do it.

I realize that twirling around until your stomach heaves isn’t the same as taking something hallucinogenic, but it shows the tendency towards the natural desire to be altered. My boys are now young men and they have not had the desire to alter their consciousness in any extreme way. I have asked them about this and neither one is interested in loosing control on reality in that way. Makes sense to me.

I, on the other hand, was a different sort of kid with a very different experience of youth. For me taking a hallucinogen now and again helped me to regain control of a very chaotic existence. It assisted me in making sense of a very strange and violent world. Once I left that violent and chaotic world, the desire to alter reality was very minimal.

Saying all of this, has triggered this small voice inside of me…actually, its getting louder…its saying "Shut up! Don’t say any of this! Your readers won’t like it! " My finger continues to brush by the delete button. In this country’s climate right now, talking about drugs having beneficial effects is tantamount to heresy!

Well, since I am in such a bold mood…I am going to take this discussion one step further. Ready?


As many of you know, I have worked with teens for many years. I have seen them get into major legal trouble due to drug issues. Buying, selling and using. Lots of trouble! It wasn’t like this when I was a teen and I am so grateful that it wasn’t. I would have been in some deep deep trouble. So would have most of the people I knew. Anyway, my point here is that I think that drugs should be legalized. All of them! Then, we can clear out our prisons and use them for the real criminals. We can funnel funds into treatment for those who really need it.

So, what got me all stirred up? A good friend of mine, has a son, who just got busted with weed. WEED! He has gone to court and the judge is sending him to a drug treatment program where he will be labeled an "addict" for the rest of his life! Luckily, the kid is smart and his mom is hoping that he will just play by their rules until his "sentence" is up. Then he can get on with his life. Oh, but since he is 18…he will have this on his record.

Well, I am gonna stop writing now…time for more coffee.
As I end this, there is a nice feeling of internal release. Thanks for reading my vent!

What are your thoughts about this?
Have an altered day…I am going to go outside and twirl around~

4 Responses to “Nothin’ Like a Little Hallucenogen to Change Your View of the World!”

  1. As I have gotten older this becomes a hard call. I to delved into things when I was alot younger and thankfully never had any problems. I think going court and having a weed thing on you record for life is a bit much. Legalizing all drugs just makes me worry about safety. People already drive drunk how would this change driving under the influence, etcetera.

  2. Good morning Doreen, I understand where you are coming from. I was going to take this post off because I didn’t want to start a debate…but then I thought that maybe that might not be a bad idea. I don’t see this country ever going for legalization of drugs…I just would rather see money going to treatment rather than the judicial system. I also think that legalizing this would cut back on crime.

    As for the drunk driving, here in Colorado they have DUI and DWAI( I think that is what its called), anyway it allows the police to pull someone over and give them the breath-a-lizor and if you are below the DUI…you still get a ticket. It’s sort of like a pre-DUI. You can get one after a glass of wine or two. Pretty scary stuff. My fella is a musician and is afraid to go out and have a beer when he plays out at a gig. If you get one of these, you still have to go to classes and pay a bunch of money. People who are careful about their drinking and driving are getting into lots of trouble. Crazy!

    Maybe I am just being a magical thinker here. Its a tough situation either way. I so appreciate your comment!

  3. Good Morning Lynne!
    Loved your comments this morning and am glad you have the guts to say what you think!
    I have had several positive and life-changing experiences that have resulted from drug experimentation. We all know you should not drive under the influence of anything but I don’t think that’s the main point. I believe the world as a whole could benefit if people were more open-minded about the benefits that can be attained from illegal substance use.

  4. Thanks for your comment Laura~ I totally agree! I am frustrated at this climate of intolerance. I am also really tired of young adults having their lives ruined by the legal system!

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