Hello there everyone~

There are many differences between Colorado (where I live now) and Northern California (where I used to live)…one being the seasons.  In California when it's time for spring…it shows up. 

Easy Parchessi! 

We used to live in a little town called Aptos, a few miles south of Santa Cruz…it would rain a ton in January and February…then all of a sudden, the faucet in the sky would turn off, and the sun would shine.  About two weeks later, bulbs would start to bloom, azaleas would burst forth, and small flowers would begin to carpet the ground. The birds would chirp, the deer would prance about, and the dolphins would spring for joy…leaping forth from the water and twirling about before they gracefully went back down into the ocean.  Oh, and of course…Disney music would play in the background!

It ain't like that here in Colorado. 

Last week we had beautiful, gorgeous warm weather.  I took a gander about my garden and saw little green this's and thats peeking forth from the earth.  Bunnies were twirling about playing with each other.  Birds danced about the feeders and peeked there heads in and out of the bird houses…all while singing about this, that and the other thing. Oh, and of course, some Disney music was playing in the background.  I took out my gardening tools to get them ready for some use…enjoying the warm sun caressing my back.  Tomorrow will be a perfect day to cut back the garden, I thought to myself~

Well, no such luck. 

Cuz it snowed! 

Yes, it snowed! 

The bunnies looked confused, the birds kept singing but they didn't have as much to sing about….and the green this's and thats that were peeking out from the earth…were covered with a blanket of white. The  Disney music that was playing on the stereo hidden somewhere in my yard (this is not a very high tech visualization) scratched to a stop!

Luckily, I LOVE the snow.  So, I tucked my gardening tools back in the shed and twirled around while the snow fell. 

After adding a warm sweater to my ensemble…I began to think about how my inspirational energy has begun to match the seasons of Colorado.  When I start a project, like the creation of my new website…I begin with the idea…and it perculates quietly under the surface for awhile.  I mentally play with the idea.  Then, in a burst of inspiration, I take action.  The design form manifests.  Lots of excited energy.  Then, in a blink of an eye…the  flow of ideas change form…seemingly going underground again…quiet.  Then again, another burst of energy…words written, ideas flow…lots of movement…I am on a roll.  It's gonna be done in no time~  Spring is almost here!  Yipeeeeeeeee

Oops…not so fast!  The ideas quiet down again.  The temperature drops.  It begins to snow. 

I worry that the spring will never come.  The weather teases us.  I have learned that here in Colorado, the Spring comes intensely.  Seemingly, overnight.  First the lilac bloom, in two weeks the magnificently display is gone to be followed by irises, daffodiles, tulips and more bulbs then I can name…then, as these flowers die back…the rest of the garden has something to say.  Summer hits hard and fast, full of energy…full of life.

My way of manifesting seems to mirror the force of spring here in Colorado.  I get teased with my ideas and then in a blink they seemingly go back underground.  Though, I sense them stirring below the surface.  I feel frustrated…the pulse of energy felt so good.  Manifestation seemed on its way. 

But, I know…that my spring is right around the corner.  My job is to trust the flow…and to be ready when it comes forth, showing its full heady bloom. The lilacs won't last…I can't  force them to stay….I can gather their blooms and fill my house with their scent.  I can walk amongst them and appreciate the beauty.  When they die back, I will feel briefly saddened…I always do…because I won't witness them again until next year.

This morning, there is frost on the ground and the sun is out…warm on my back even though there is still a chill to the air.  Maybe it will warm up today.  Maybe the snow will melt today.  Maybe, tomorrow I can start cutting back the garden. 

We shall see. 

Until then…I will witness the quiet, and trust that the creative ideas will burst forth when they are ready.  Maybe they are waiting for the lilacs….

Have a beautiful day~

2 Responses to “Spring is in the air…just kidding!”

  1. Your post today brought tears to my eyes, dear sweet Lynne. I could sense the fragrance of the lilacs in your words. First of all I’m a Nature junkie – I have learned many of my most important lessons from the green world all around me. Secondly I could feel the courage in you that I feel in those hardy first sprouts of this season – creating and living in the world requires an almost unfathomable amount of courage. And patience and trust live because of courage.

    So, complete with music in the background, I say to you, “Right on, you strong hearted, creative, resilient wise woman. You are part of Colorado spring energy. You are as spunky and as welcome as those most hardy early sprouting plants.”

  2. Thanks for your comment Christine! Right back at ya babe:)

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