G’Day folks!

I am feeling a bit crazy this morning so you might want to read someone else’s blog…or I guess you could stay for a good giggle!

Well, after yesterday’s lilac sniffin’, vase filling, spring twirling…I sat down and thought…”whew I am pooped.” After resting a bit…I got busy working. At 7:00pm, I finished my last call and noticed that the walls were moving in a funny kind of way. Not a cool flash back kind of way…but, a “uh-oh, I think I did too much today!” kind of way.

So, I laid down and opened my new Country Living magazine…and that is all I remember. Out like a light. I kind of remember my fella coming home and chatting for a bit…but, I think I mumbled something and headed off to bed. I think!!!! All I know, is that this morning I woke up in bed.

Because I am who I am…

A fantastic magical thinker…

I really thought that I would be recovered from this surgery by now. I mean…COME ON!!!! It has been 3 1/2 weeks. I thought that my sheer joy of feeling better would just heal me in super sonic speed!!! I thought that the relief of knowing that all my health challenges are cleared up would propel my cute body to heal faster than the speed of sound! I thought that if I meditate everyday, burn candles, journal, do some art…stand on my head…oh, wait…I can’t stand on my head yet…I thought that I would be feeling energized and fabulous.

Well, that ain’t happening! At least not in the way that I WANT!!!!

Now, I am not saying that my body isn’t doing a fantastic job healing…it is! We just have some disagreements on the speed with which this is happening. I want it done yesterday…actually, last week would have been nice…but, my body is on a whole different time frame. It doesn’t seem to care what I want. It just smiles at me….and shoves me down on to the couch.

I am not fond of being pushed around in this way!!!! It stirs up my inner rebel. Not a good reaction in this situation.

When I woke up this morning, I could still feel the internal need to rest. STILL!!!! So, on the heals of that body wisdom…came this other voice…not so wise…saying: “Are you kidding me? Still? What the hell is going on here?”

After a bit of a…let’s just call it what it was…a TEMPER TANTRUM…I ran out of steam. My body smiled at me…and shoved me down on to the couch. Here I lay. Too tired to fuss. Too tired to kick and scream. Too tired to argue. Just plain too tired!

There is nothin’ to DO about this. NOTHIN!!!

I have tried to guilt my body into submission.

I have tried to shame my body into submission.

I have tried ignoring my body…thinking maybe if I ignore the exhaustion…it will go away!

Well, you can guess how well THAT worked!

My body just pleasantly smiles at me…and shoves me down on to the couch. It is not fazed by my fussiness. It doesn’t seem to be upset at anything. It seems to have a mind of its own. A clarity. A clear focus that has NOTHING to do with my mere mortal desires.

I lay back on the couch…feeling resigned. My choices are few. I can continue to fuss about or I can shut up and listen.

Because I am so exhausted…I have decided to shut up and listen.

I ask my body: “What can I do to support you?”

My body smiles at me with such compassion and love.

At that moment, my fella walks into the room with my Country Living magazine and asks if I would like to rest and look at pretty stuff.


“Sure” I say. “Thanks! Your timing is amazing!”

I lay back and open to the article on Peonies. My mind begins to dream of the Peonies that will bloom in a few weeks in my garden.

All is well.

Everything blooms in its own time…even me!

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