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I Know that I have this whole flowers a-bloomin’, nails a-growing’ thing goin’ on…not the most intellectual weeks of writing! But, whaddya gonna do? Because I have such a flair for finding the common threads within a conversation…and since this morning I broke my favorite coffee cup…I began thinking about the impermanence of it all.

The impermanence of flowers…

The impermanence of nails…

The impermanence of coffee cups…

There are extraordinary paradoxes that show up with impermanence: The ability to release and move forward towards something new can develop as well as an intense desire to hold on…trying to WILL things to stay.

There is a fine line between these places…a knifes edge.

Let’s take that coffee cup. I love that coffee cup. I look forward to pouring my coffee into it every morning. This morning…for whatever reason, I dropped it…it broke in about 3 places.

Now, I can choose to glue it all together…because it is bone china and parts of it are white, I will see lines…but, maybe I don’t care about that because it is more important that it stays in my life. Or maybe, I decide to save the pieces…thinking that down the road I will find a way to fix it. Or maybe, I just throw it away…and move on. Find another favorite cup.

Lots of choices here.
For some folks, a cup is just a cup…easy to let go of.
So, lets bump up the stakes.

Some years ago, I had a car, it was about 2 years old…it was all paid for. My boys and I were sitting in our living room, playing parchessi, when all of a sudden we heard a CRASH-ing sound and all the electricity went out. We raced outside and looked around to see what happened. Down at the end of our driveway, a huge oak tree had fallen. It had decided to fall ON TOP of our car. Because the tree was enormous….it not only crushed my car, but it also took down electrical wires and the transformer. There were live electrical wires on the street. Since we had no phone…because the power went down, we raced over to our neighbors and they called the fire department. The rest of the afternoon was spent watching the fire department and PG&E clean the mess up.
The next day, I called my car insurance company, and the neighbor (who "owned" the oak tree) called their insurance company. In a few weeks both insurance companies determined that this was "an act of God." I kid you not!!!! An act of God. Never had heard of an insurance company using that term before. I didn’t know that insurance companies believed in the Almighty Dude!

About a month later a check came in the mail and we went and bought a used Volvo.

Okay, so…back to impermanence.

I thought that I was going to own that car until it dropped dead from old age…not at an early age due to a tree crushing it! We decided to have a brief memorial service for it before it was towed away…we took a couple of pictures and said a few words. Then off it went…to where ever crushed cars go.

But, with a car…and when you live in the redwoods…ya just gotta move forward. I HAD to get another car. The kids had to get to school, I had to get to work…then there is getting to the grocery store, getting to the beach…getting here, there and everywhere! So…we moved forward. We acknowledge the impermanence of a car…and decided to buy something used…instead of another new car.

Maybe, for you…a car is just a car…

How about the impermanence of youth, the impermanence of money, the impermanence of jobs, the impermanence of health, the impermanence of some relationships…the impermanence of houses….on and on we go…the impermanence of today…the impermanence of this moment?

Are we having fun yet?
I am feeling a little dizzy myself!!!
Can things ever stay the same?
Can we make things stay the same by our sheer will?
Holding onto something that no longer wants to stay around is the path to suffering. It hurts…really hurts…to hold on in this way.

It also hurts to watch it go.

Here is another paradox!

I think that this "truth" is part of what expands our energetic force…it expands our ability for joy…it can also expand our ability for despair…another paradox.

So, as we all bash around in this together…I encourage you to expand your compassion for yourself and for others…this ain’t easy for any of us.

Enjoy what you have in the present…I mean REALLY enjoy it!


Breathe in the smells…

Taste deeply…

Touch the extraordinary fabric of this life.

The amazing part is that we all have freewill. This give us a way to choose how we connect with life. Do you choose to hold tight? Do you choose to open your hands and release…or do you dance in between?


I dance in between…some times I can release with grace…and other times…depending on what is moving out…I hold on for dear life.

But for now, I am just enjoying my flowers, my pretty nails and as for the coffee cup…it went in the garbage can….to be replaced by a new favorite.

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