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I Just returned from an amazing EFT conference focusing on Chronic illness and Disease. It was three days of learning and tapping….two of my favorite things to do!

One topic that was discussed in a variety of different ways, was how beliefs are formed. Now, for those of you who have been reading this blog for awhile…you know that this is one of my passions. I write about beliefs alot. And if you work with me….I am sure that I drive you crazy with this focus…over and over again.

So, what is so important about beliefs? Well, for one…everything you do…is driven by your beliefs . Every thought you think…every action you take…every reaction that you have in response to the external world is based on these beliefs. No small thing!!

Let’s explore beliefs for a moment.

Children function mainly in the Theta, Alpha and Delta states of mind. For adults, these states are drowsing and sleep. This means that small children are in a trance state…making their brains completely built for learning. Literal learning. Small children have no filtering system…so whatever is going on around them…goes right into their minds.

So…what makes this so important?

Most of our beliefs are downloaded into our little minds (and bodies) between the ages of 0-6.

This is very important.

Due to the fact that small children have no ability to filter what is being presented around them…they take in external information as TRUE. The brain then builds up systems…structures…to build on these "Truths." Before ya know it…the child has a full blown belief system. For the next bunch of years…the brain "looks" for things that match the belief system and on and on and on and on we go!

Now, some of these belief systems are just dandy…some…not so much. Square block fits in square hole. Fine. But, when you start to explore how the child views the self…things can get a little tricky.

To add a twist to all of this…is the interesting thing called "interpretation. " I have an example with my own kids. When my kids were little, I used "time-outs" when things were getting out of hand. I used to say things like: "It looks like you need to take a break for a bit, until you can stop throwing that block at little Johnny’s head!" Off my youngest son would go. He loved his time outs. I would find him sitting in his chair, reading a book or playing quietly with some of his toys. When he was ready, he would come out…sometimes, he decided that he just wanted to hang out by himself for awhile.

Well, not only did my kids get time outs…I used to give them to myself. When I was ready to strangle them…I would say something like: "I am getting pretty angry right now…so, I am going to take a time out until I cool off!" Sometimes I would say something more colorful than that!

Recently, my youngest…who is now 21 years old…said to me that he wasn’t allowed to be angry when he was young, because I used to give myself time outs when I was mad. Huh? Seriously? He said: "You used to leave the room and take a break when you were mad! You never allowed yourself to yell at us!" Interesting interpretation. Now, my older son has a completely different interpretation. His interpretation was that I was rarely angry and that I enjoyed all of my moments of being a mom.

Okay… I enjoyed MOST of my time being a mom when they were little..definately not ALL of it! And as for my younger sons interpretation…well, lets just say that he was totally given room to be angry…he just wasn’t allowed to throw stuff at others! So, because of these interpretations…they have formed beliefs. Lots of them!!!!

Again, some beliefs are fine…some not so much. Some beliefs assist you in thriving…some beliefs yank ya right down into the muck!

This is where EFT is such a handy dandy tool. Tapping along the particular meridian lines, while saying particular statements some how…magically…shifts these beliefs…changes the beliefs…reformats the brain so that new more supportive beliefs can take hold. Then, as we humans do…we begin to find "proof" that the new more supportive beliefs, are true. And then…tah dah…our lives start to improve. Our experiences begin to change.

I just realized how long this post is getting…I will chat more about this in the coming weeks and months. Here are some questions to consider:

  • What beliefs (concerning money, health and wellbeing, relationships, career…what ever you want to look at) are holding you back?
  • What beliefs (around any particular area of your life) are allowing you to thrive?
  • Can you find any beliefs that you were handed down to you by your ancestors?
  • What is one belief that you wish you no longer had?
  • What is one belief that you wish to have?

Take good care and have a believable day!!!!

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