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Many people sign up to work with me because they want to loose weight. After exploring this and that and the other thing for a bit…almost everyone lands in the light bulb moment of: "Oh man….this ain’t really about the food! Is it?"


If loosing weight was all about cutting out certain foods and excercising… then folks would be able to this fairly easily. If loosing weight was about will power…it would be a piece of cake! Or…no cake! Loosing weight is a package deal. It’s about food…it’s about moving your body, it’s about clearing out limiting beliefs, it’s about self love. It is about unconditional self love.

If your thoughts say: "I am discusting because I ate that bag of cookies!"

This is NOT a very unconditionally loving thought to think of yourself.

Your body listens to what you say. Your body is alive…your body responds to your thoughts. So, if you are beating the crap out if it with your thoughts…Well, let’s just say that your body won’t feel so fabulous…when your body doesn’t feel fabulous…you want to eat another bag of cookies…and on and on we go!

Think of the kid who is put down constantly…who is teased…who is not shown unconditional love…that kid will start to act out in one way or another. When you put your body down…when you tease yourself…when you say to your body: "If you would just loose 10 lbs…then I will love you!" …you body is gonna act out…one way or another!

So dear reader…one of the big steps in all of this is to love yourself NO MATTER WHAT!!!

Sounds easy right?

Not so much!!!

Try this: Say to your self: "I love myself no matter what!"

Now sit quietly for a moment…do you hear any arguments? Hear any "Ya, but’s…?"

All of those statements from your inner peanut gallery are some of your limiting beliefs. These limiting beliefs are in the background constantly. Our inner critics are alive and well!!! Our limiting beliefs want to be right…so, they look for proof that they are right. When you reach for the bag of cookies…there they are. Just waiting to proof their "rightness!"

This is where modalities like EFT work so brilliantly.

When you tap and say: " Even though I feel so ashamed cuz I ate that bag of cookies, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway." The last part of the statement "I love and accept myself anyway" begins the inner process of unconditional self love. We all need to know that we are loved even when we eat a whole bag of cookies. I am not talking about feeling loved from out there. Though if you have someone in your life who judges you for eating the bag of cookies…that ain’t gonna help! This is more about an internal journey between you and YOU.

I invite you to explore this thing called "unconditional love." Whether you are dealing with food issues, or weight, or chronic illness…or whatever is on your plate right now. Spend a handful of moments through out your day, finding the place inside you where this love lives. We are born with the natural ability to purely love. It is inside you somewhere. Find it. See if you can feel it quietly pulsing through you. Can you imagine expanding it? Just allow it to softly speak to you. Get to know it.

I would love to hear your comments about how you experienced the whispers of this self love.

Feel free to share~

Have a self loving day!

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