Good morning fabulous readers!

I recently decided to join Bob Doyle in his 45 day Boundless Living Challenge.

Check it out if you feel inspired….it has turned into quite the huge gathering of folks with everyone focusing on a very cool variety of challenges. Yesterday was the first day, so if this is your kind of thing…you are not to late to join.

I don’t usually join these kind of things… for whatever reason… but this time I was very inspired. The focus of my challenge is to complete some things for my business that I have been unable to finish…due to being sick…being spaced out….procrastinating…whatever! So, now that I am feeling dandy…I am ready to go.

After I posted the focus for my challenge (everyone keeps a blog of their process), my inner critic came in a had quite a good time telling me how much I sucked and how I was NOT going to be able to do what I want to do. My critic looked exactly like my 5th grade teacher…who happened to be a nun!


So, what did I do when I came face to face with this scary nun?

I first tried to rationalize with her (hmmmmm am I trying to please my critic? I need help!). Then, she started saying really mean stuff so, I put duct tape on her mouth…that seemed to help! Dontcha just love duct tape? It is so handy!!!

So…this critic…hmmmmmmm…quite the piece of work. This inner critic has been with me for many years. It is a shapeshifter…sometimes it looks like my mother, sometimes a nun, sometimes it looks like a big blob with teeth…whatever shape it takes, it tends to say the same sorts of things.

For many years, I thought that I needed to make friends with my nemesis. But not anymore. Who wants to have a friend who is mean? Forget it! In the last handful of years, I have begun to believe that this thing…this critic…this evil nemesis…must be destroyed. It offers absolutely NO value to my wellbeing. NONE!!! ZIP!!!! NADA!!!!!

The good new is that this little sneaky sucker can be quieted…I want to believe that it can be destroyed but, I am not sure about that. But, what I do know is that it can be minimized in a big way.


Well, I use a combination of things with myself and my clients. I use EFT , LEAP , the Sedona Method , The Work (by Byron Katie )…along with some visualization techniques. EFT and LEAP clear out the limiting beliefs that hold the critic in place. The Sedona Method and Byran Katie’s tool help to challenge the thinking.

And sometimes, some good old duct tape does the trick!

So, dear readers…when does your nemesis rear its nasty head?

How do you stop it from taking hold?

Maybe together we can destroy this nasty little sneaky sucker!

Have a lovely day:~)

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