Greetings gorgeous readers!

I have been busy with my 45 day Boundless Living Challenge. I blog about my progress and read many other blogs and supporting other folks progress. So, I have been feeling sorta blogged out. But, this morning I decided that it is time to visit with you.

Plus, I got something really cool to share with you.

I am just so proud of myself…this is big…really BIG…I mean this is GARGANTUAN!!!!

Part of my challenge has been to start setting up EFT teleclasses…for the fall! I love how I pushed it out into the future like that…very subtle procrastination. Never feeling quite ready to take this on. But, never feeling quit like dropping the idea and moving onto something else…very annoying!

So…as I have been busy with this challenge…I began noticing that many folks were being introduced to EFT and were having mixed results with tons of questions. I decided to offer an EFT Basics class for the group. This was an inspired thought.

Shall I repeat that????


Now anyone who knows me…knows that my inspired thoughts run along the lines of…"Yum, I am going to bake chocolate chip cookies!" NOT "Hey, I know…I am going to teach a teleclass!"

Last night I taught the class. It was a small group, which was absolutely perfect. It was an hour long. I think I was pretty clear with content…and I was funny…which always helps:)

I must thank Alix..who was there holding my hand! Thanks Alix!!!! Your support means so much to me~

Now, I have been using EFT on this whole "being in front of people" thing for a LONG time and things are releasing and clearing. I actually felt nervous, but not "shoot me I wanna die" nervous. Just nervous. Oh, and I was sweating the whole time…but, nothing a good long shower couldn’t fix! Along with a yummy glass of wine:)

So, last night I feel while thinking about how far I have come…and I had a dream: I was in a cell…a cell that I had been in for a long time. My cell was decorated with live flowers in planter boxes…there was a lovely stream of light coming through the window that fell on the flowers. Everything needs to be pretty for me…even my jail cell! Okay, back to the dream. I was hanging out there enjoying the flowers, writing in a gorgeous journal…I want to find that journal in real life…and I turned and looked at the door. I stood up. I pushed on the door and it opened. I walked out into a valley…and I started to walk…and walk…as I looked back the jail got smaller and smaller until I could no longer see it.

I woke up this morning feeling so good…so free…so excited about new possibilities.

To play with the metaphor with this dream…and I could go into some heavy duty story telling about what this meant or didn’t mean…I am going to play with the idea of limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs create the cell…more limiting beliefs create the door…more limiting beliefs lock us in.

Clear the limiting beliefs and the cell falls away….we begin to feel peace…and freedom.

How’s that for a metaphorical read????

I feel like I have been freed from a cell that I have lived in since I was little. I feel a bit tentative…and I just continue to take long deep breaths…breathing in all the fresh air.

So, how about you?

What limiting beliefs have you feeling like you are serving jail time?

What needs to happen to end your jail time?

What limiting beliefs need to be released in order for you to be free?

I would love to hear your thoughts about this…please feel free to share!

Have a freedom seeking day!!!

8 Responses to “Gargantuan Progress!!!!”

  1. Yay You!!!!

  2. Lynne, I was happy to be on the call with you, but you absolutely did not need me. I have been part of hundreds of teleclasses and have led many of my own, as you know, and you handled this like a natural. You did everything right and it seemed smooth and effortless to those of us in the class.

    I’m glad you took this risk, because if you trust me, then you know that this is something you can do and you are more than good at it — you’re great. There are so many people out there who can learn valuable things from you about all sorts of topics; I’m excited to think that now you might have the confidence to just do it!

    You rule!

  3. Yay me!!!!!!

  4. Thanks Alix~ I am so glad that you were there with me…I could hear you laughing when I said something funny and that helped me to feel good. I appreciate all of your support.

    I think that I am building my confidence up! Who knew that this EFT stuff really works??? Hee hee~

    I am going to offer another class next week so that I can keep practicing and learning…then off I go…teleclass queen~
    Love ya Alix!

  5. I can’t wait for your next class! So glad you’re doing another one, Lynne!

  6. Thanks Col…hope to “see” ya there!

  7. Yeah Lynne! I am so happy for you! Having known you a very long time, I know what an incredible break through this is and at the same time, I can’t help but have know how much knowledge, wisdom and wit you have to share and have been hoping it would blast out to the world!

    When’s the next teleclass and how do I watch it?! Got to give another…Yeah Lynne!

  8. Hey Kerry~ Well, the next teleclass is in 15 minutes…and I am getting a little freaked out. I wonder if it would be bad to drink a shot of tequila before hand? :) Probably not! Ah well!!!

    Wish me luck. I am excited to hear about your trip to the islands!
    Love ya

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