Hi there!

I wrote the other day about joining a 45 day challenge group.

And today is day 4.

Have I done anything on my list of things to complete?


I have been in hand to hand combat with my inner critic and my inner procrastinator. At this point my inner critic (who happens to look like a nun) is off praying or doing whatever nuns do when they are not tormenting me!

And my inner procrastinator? Well….it is alive ….and very very active.

Yesterday, I had put aside a chunk of time to work on my newsletter…and I did everything but that.

I talked to a friend on the phone.

I helped my son out with this, that and the other thing.

I finished a load of wash.

I watered the lawn…by hand.

I put the dishes away.

I answered some emails.

I filled out my Publisher’s Clearing House form…cuz if I win the lottery…I won’t have to write this stupid newsletter!

At the end of the day…I did NOT do what I had set out to do.

I have begun to realize…that my inner procrastinator and my inner critic are pals. They love to romp around inside of me.

They are BFF!

I haven’t got a chance when they are hanging out together!

All bets are off!!!

Actually, I haven’t got much of a chance when they show up alone!

Or do I?

There are many levels to procrastination~

Sometimes folks procrastinate because the action is out of obligation…it is a "should."

Sometimes folks procrastinate because certain pieces have not fallen into place yet.

Sometimes procrastination occurs due to an intuitive awareness that the timing isn’t quite right.

Sometimes procrastination is about fear.

I could keep going on and on with this list.

Procrastination is rarely about being lazy!

As I write this, I can really resonate with what I am saying! I woke up this morning with a sore throat, and a fever…maybe a flu…I dunno. But, yesterday…I was feeling sorta tired and run down. Maybe it was not an optimal time to work on the newsletter. Maybe, it would have taken more brain power than I have. I dunno. Maybe I was "should-ing" all over myself yesterday.

I think for today…I am going to go lay down for a bit since the walls seem to be breathing. Maybe tomorrow I will have tons of inspiration flowing through me.

We shall see.

4 Responses to “Procratination…is alive and well.”

  1. Hi Lynnes–I think it’s cool you are “piddling”, a positive activity in our house, which means wandering about doing things that need to be done at one’s own pace and chronology.

    Can I play Devil’s Advocate, as I have a different take on “procrastination.” I don’t think procrastination is negative. The two most productive members of our family are the great procrastinators. It works for them–they need the pressure –and they get a lot done when time is on their tale.

    To me procrastination comes without any judgment or inner critic. I have learned how to take pressure off myself by procrastinating more–all that’s important does get done. If I procrastinate paying my bills–the pressure to get them in on time and the natural consequences if I don’t, causes me to make sure I pay them. If I pay them on the 30th (the 1st is my deadline) or if I pay them a week early (which I do a lot cuz I’m not a natural procrastinator). The end is the same–they get paid.

    Productive Procrastination–I would call what I’m describing. I see it as healthy and positive.

    Lynne,I see you as an incredibly productive person…that is continually stepping forward (yes, when life stuff happens, illness etc…you may take a breather), but you get so much done Lynne. It inspires me how you are continually moving forward. Are you sure you need a “procrastination” group?

  2. Great points Kerry! Well, after I wrote this fabulously fussy post…I realized that I had a really bad sore throat, a fever, and the walls were moving…maybe a flu. So, I shut my computer off and laid down and have been resting all day. Maybe it wasn’t procrastination…maybe it was the flu!

  3. Hope you are feeling better Lynne! Maybe you have a “procrastination flu”-hee. Hope it flees fast.

  4. It was totally the procrastination flu:)

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