Hey there~

My son walked into the living room and asked:

“Hey mom, whaddya doin?”

“Watchin’ McCain spin lies!” said me.

“Well mom,” said son, “You can turn that frown upside down!”

Then he danced a little jig and off he went.

After our cute little exchange, I thought about what he said.  Even though he was being sarcastic…he had an interesting point.  He was reminding me that I get to choose how I feel about things.  I can choose what I focus on. I can choose to be enraged at what is going on in this country or I can choose something else.  And since I have been on a tirade for some time now I decided to shift my focus.  I turned off the news and started thinking about the positives of what this presidential race has stirred up.

Here is my list:

*The youth of this country have woken up and become politically active!

*Both of my sons have registered to vote:)

*My mom and I are on the same page with what is happening politically…we are even voting for the same person!

*This is a time of great change for this country…and I am alive to witness this.

*I don’t feel apathetic anymore~

*People seem more awake~

*We have been having very interesting conversations about our country while we hang out together.

*Racism is a part of this country’s conversation!

*Sexism is a part of this country’s conversation!

*No matter what happens, we will be okay…we will figure it out…we always do!

So…that is all I have right now.  I feel a little better…less hopeless…more aligned with well being.  I am so grateful to have such smart sons who can remind me of what I know.  We ALWAYS have a choice over what we focus on and that shift in direction alters how we feel.

Okie Dokie…have a groovy day!

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