Happy Halloween everyone!!!!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  I love anything that has something to do with witches, goblins and ghosts.  And then to add the Day of the Dead on November 1st and 2nd….so much fun!!!!!  Anything that uses skeletons for decorations…count me in.

My fella and I love skeletons so much that a few years ago we bought a Stanley Mouse painting of a skeleton draped in roses. We had it professionally framed (which is VERY fancy pants for us) I LOVE this print!  We always receive interesting responses from people.  Some folks will look at it once and then again and ask “Is that a skeleton???”  “Uh…yep!”  Every time my mom comes to visit she visibly shutters when she sees the  image above our fireplace. “What is wrong with you???” she always asks.  There is really no way to respond to that question!

Back to Halloween…

My fun with Halloween has changed over the years.  When my boys were young I loved making them costumes, decorating the house in spooky stuff and taking them out “trick or treating”  (until the didn’t want me to come with them:)).  Now that they are older, I have noticed that I am not going out to get a pumpkin and I don’t decorate anymore.

I sorta miss that.

When I woke up this morning, I thought that it will be fun when my sons have kids, cuz then I can decorate and play with my grand kids.  Kids just make holidays more fun…at least for me.

*Hey Ethan and Corey…if you guys are reading this post…don’t get any ideas…I don’t want grand kids for a long time:)

So, tomorrow night I will have fun handing out candy to all the cute kids and those surly teenagers all dressed up in their costumes.  Maybe next year, I will feel inspired to decorate…just cuz it’s fun.  We shall see.  Anything is possible.

Until we meet again…..

Have a spoooookkkkkiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee Haaaalllllloooooowwwweeeeeeeeeeen!

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