Hi you fabulous readers you!!!!

What a difference a day makes!  I am feeling way better this morning.  I feel back to my perky old self~ with just a smidge of an edge!

So what has changed my state of being?  Anything happen between yesterday and today?

Well, not really…but, I had a dream …

I was visited last night by a bunch of dead people…a little Halloween humor I suppose~  Anyway, the group of dead folks visit me once in a while when I am in a particularly stressed out place in my life.  Last night I was hangin’ out in a dreamscape, hangin’ out by a big ol’ tree (I think it was an oak tree…though the bark was very comfy to lean against…you know how dreams go). Anyway, all of a sudden, there was a huge circle made up of a bunch of folks…most of the folks I have known that have died.  My dad was there, husband #2 was there, my best friend was there, an old friend that died when I was 14 was there, a bunch of other dead friends were there too….along with an Indian dude, a goddess lookin babe and some old dudes and dudettes whom I have met in other dreams.  A gaggle of spirits?  A flock of dead friends?  A gathering of old souls?

Anyway, back to the dream…

So, we were hangin out.  I asked my dad how he was doing.  I asked Deanna if she had reincarnated yet.  I asked John what he was up to…of course I don’t remember any of the answers!  At some point, everyone become very quiet and still.  The goddess babe looked right at me…or through me?…anyway, then she said: “Well?”  Being a bit fiesty, I said: “Well what!!!!????”  She grinned at me.  So, I told them in great detail what was going on. I was very dramatic about the whole thing….ringing my hands, crying a tear or two…I think I even stood up and paced around a bit.  Anyway, after a certain point I stopped talking.  I guess I just sorta ran out of steam.

They all looked at me

“Well?????”  I asked

“Well what???” they responded

“What do you mean ‘well what?'” I said rather annoyed

The goddess babe smiled at me…sorta like the smile of an indulgent parent towards a kid who is being kinda cute!  The dream gets sorta cloudy at this point…there was idea sharing and I think we had a snack… At the end of this dream, all of these folks stood up and gave me a hug.  One at a time.  I woke up when the last one hugged me and walked away.    I can still feel what that was like.  I felt completely loved, completely supported, completely aligned.  I can still feel the energy of the hugs on my skin.

Getting the bigger picture from dead people is such an amazing gift.  I get it.  This thing that is happening is just a thing that is happening.  A bummer for sure…and we will figure it out.  No matter what we decide to do, all is well, well being is always flowing to us.  I am loved by a bunch of dead people as well as by a bunch of living people.  I love my work.  I love my family.  I love my friends.  All is well.

No matter what…all is well!

With this tingly feeling on my skin and a lightness of heart off I go to fill out insurance forms to find a new company to insure us…we shall see what happens with that.  Then I get to work with amazing people this afternoon…then off to the gym to move my cute as a button body.

Not to shabby~

signed:  always receiving support…even from dead people~

5 Responses to “Supportive Dead People”

  1. Lynne, that is one amazing dream! I know that sometimes I don’t put a lot of stock in dreams, but if I had that one, with so much meaning, I too would be feeling wellness all around. I am really really happy for you that all your not in body loved ones showed up to cheer you on. What a gift and a blessing. Congratulations, you rockin’ babe!

  2. Hi Lynne, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment…it’s so nice to find you too! Your genuine and open heart shines through here!

  3. Thanks Andra~ It was a very cool dream. It really soothed me. I feel much better today. Now if we could just get this stupid application sent off…they make them really difficult to fill out!!!!!!
    Love ya~

  4. Thanks for stoppin by Kate~ Anyone who is reading this…check out Kates blog. Great read:)

    I have had lots of people comment on my non exisistant blog roll…I am actually going to get that up today (I hope:))

  5. What a gift of a dream. In the Latin cultures/Oriental cultures ancestors and their spirits play a large role in their lives. Its as if your friend’s and family’s spirits knew you were struggling and gifted you with their wisdom, love, comfort. I’ve known you long enough to have met many of your loved one’s who gathered in your dream circle-how fortunate I am, as I could pic. them in mind.

    You amaze and inspire me with the graceful way you live through the abundant adversity life has sent your way, and how you use your life to grace ours.

    Here you are again in the midst of a big challenge, sharing your inconquerable spirit.

    Love ya, Kerry

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