Okay.  So after my long day yesterday of Facebook this and Twitter that and Podcast this segment and that…working with fabulous clients…oh and posting a blog…and trying to figure out why my IV coffee drip had stopped working after only 6 hours of constant coffee infusions….I decided to end my work day and take a bath.

I ran the water and put in some lovely herbs to make things smell wonderful.  I got in.  Took a sip of tea.   Opened my brand new “More” magazine and got ready for a nice read.

On page 21 I found this:

The Ultimate Outbox

Not that we are in any hurry, but it”s good to know we can opt for a biodegradable coffin when the time comes.  The ARKA Ecopod is made from recycled paper and comes in six colors.  Creator Hazel Selina used to run a natural birth center: “When I reached a certain age, I thought it was time to put my energy into the other primal event.'” (from $3400;

There are so many levels of interest for me about this. First of all, the babe who created this is sooooooo cool.  I want to be her friend.  Going ‘from one primal event to the next’…love that! Second, my fella and I have talked quite a few times about coffins and burials and such:

Me: “Now why would anyone want to buried in a metal casket…that just freaks me out??!!!”

My fella:  “I know!  Nothing would decompose…the remains would stay in the ground for centuries!”

Both of us at the same time: “Ewwwwwwwwww”

Thirdly, since I have never been a “bury the dead” kind of babe…I am more a cremation kind of gal or lay the body on a rock in the middle of the mountains and let the scavengers do their thing…this whole concept of an “ecopod” changes my view of burial.


Maybe it’s my claustrophobia that stops me from fully enjoying this whole concept.  Being buried 6 feet under really freaks me out.  Being burned to ashes doesn’t. A very personal decision indeed.

My son once asked me “Hey mom, where do we put your ashes when they are done?”

Me: “The ocean, a hill top…the garbage can.  It won’t matter cuz I won’t be there.  Where ever you want!”

He seemed satisfied with this response.

Because I am who I am….I had to get out of the bath to check out the website and see these ecopods.  And I gotta say…they are really cool.  And pretty too! But, they don’t change my mind about being buried.

It’s just not for me.

So…this is what too much technology does to my brain.

Hmmmmmm…maybe I need a break~

2 Responses to “Way to go…”

  1. Today CardioGirl asks us what our favorite invention in our lifetime is. It would be wild if you responded with “bio-degradable coffin!”

    Here’s her post:

  2. I still go for cremation as well, especially since I read something that said you have to have some kind of metal something-or-other to keep from “poluting the groundwater” or idiotic thing like that. Come on guys! If you can use just the “cardboard” coffin, that sounds pretty cool.

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