Ahhhhhh the beautiful fragrance of a fresh new year!  I can smell it in the air.  I can hear folks talking about it in line at the store.  I hear adds on TV pumpin’ it up….

We love a clean slate.  We love a do over.  We love the opportunity to bring new energy to something that we want.

Here is a beautiful clean slate…January 1st 2009….all fresh…waiting for the master piece to be painted.

So, how do we honor the energy of a clean slate without covering it with a bunch of garbage? How do we allow the blankness of the canvas to inspire us, rather than freak the hell out of us?  We can paint whatever we want on the canvas.

The trick to all of this…and it is a tricky “all of this”…is to tune into what is inspiring you.  What is the compelling reason behind what you are imagining painting?  The subject has to be compelling enough for you to want to paint this master piece from beginning…all the way through the hard stuff…until it is complete.

If the reason is not compelling enough…you WILL run out of steam…this is part of what draws folks to call me in February to do some EFT and coaching.  Folks think that something is wrong with them cuz they can’t follow through with their New Year’s resolutions.  But, after we explore what the resolution was, many times it turns out that this was not an inspired action (it was a “should” or an “obligation”) and or that it was not compelling enough to hold the energy.

So….if this new fresh year is calling to you to create a new and fabulous master piece…spend some time savoring the blank space…savoring the blank canvas…savoring the possiblities.  Tune into what wants to be created.  What wants to be given birth to.  Tune into what the compelling reason is.  Allow that compelling reason to expand until you can see it so clearly that it will draw you through the beginning…the middle…all the way through until completion.

Because every master piece hits hard points.

Every master piece hits boring times.

Every master piece lands in a time when you just want to give up because it sucks…and walk away.

So the reason behind the creating the master piece…must be compelling….and this master piece must be inspired or it just ain’t gonna work.  And you will be left feeling bad and guilty that you joined the gym again and did really great for the first few weeks and then the enthusiasm just ran out of steam.

One of my master pieces for this new fabulous year is to do a radio show.  It has been a desire of mine since I was a young pumpkindoodle.  And this year…it is gonna happen.  It is coming from inspiration AND I have a list of compelling reasons to do this.  It does feel like I am jumping off a cliff…but, I think this year, I just might be able to fly.  If not..I am strong enough this year…that if I tumble down…I will hike back up and try again;)

I am doing this show with my fabulous friend Christine Thomas.  We are beginning this next month.  I know we are doing the show on Monday’s at noon (mountain time). on blog talk radio.  I am just not sure if we are starting next Monday or the one after that.  It depends on if we can figure out the technology quickly enough.  I will keep you posted.

Hope you can listen in and join the conversation:)

Okay.. now that I just typed all that…I am feeling really nervous…gulp!!!!

Enjoy your clean slate!

More to come….

4 Responses to “Clean slate!”

  1. I love the analogy of the New Year being a blank canvas that’s up to us to color. Without intention, it will just attract dust, pet fur and bug crap.

    Well, last year it was my intention to start and maintain my “Thoughts…” blog. I achieved 105 posts (so far). This year, I’ve volunteered to chair a local chapter our professional society — not as personally fulfilling, but a nice challenge nevertheless.

    Anyway, forget the nervousness. Imagine having done it already. Stare down fear. Seek it out. Go beyond it. That’s where life’s rewards are!

  2. Hey there Mr Peg! Thanks for your comment! Congrats on all of the blog posts that you completed the year…What a fantastic success!!

    I was a VP of our local coaching group…turned out to be a challenge and even some fun. Hope it is both for you:)

    As for the nerves with the radio show…I have tons of excitement too! I am so ready to do this…I am thrilled and freaked out…a good old “and/both!”

    Hope you can join us:) The show will be interactive!

  3. Your radio show is going to be a great success–I know because I listened to you as a guest on another radio show and you were a natural!

    Great wisdom about our intention and want of the result needing to be strong enough to carry us through the times of doubt and difficulty in getting there.

    Happy New Year my friend, let us know when the first radio show airs. Love, Kerry

  4. Thanks for the support Kerry. Hope you can listen…it will be nice to have you there…holding my virtual hand! It is going to be next Monday at noon. I will send you the link as soon as we figure out how to do that:)

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