Good day!

Now that my youngest son has skidaddled to Arizona, and my oldest son is off to work early in the mornings, my fella and I have fun crankin up the tunes.  Since my boys do not like the kind of music we listen to…we tend to wait until they are out and about. In our house, its not my fella and I saying “can you turn that crap down?”  It’s my boys saying it to us!

Anyhow, along with listening to music first thing, my fella likes to practice in his studio.  I will be off in my office writing blogs or reading other peoples blog and I hear him….repeating the same notes over and over and over and over…yes…and over.  And since our house is on the small side…we like to call it cozy…I just slam down more coffee and take lots of deep breaths.

Other mornings, we play coffee shop (we hang out in our living room drinkin coffee and doing stuff on our laptops).  My fella will be off on Musicians Friends looking up the “stupid Deal of the Day.”  Or he will be playing on ebay looking for the killer deal on an amp…or on utube looking at some cool this or that.  Me?  I am usually reading emails and responding to them….and lately I have been hangin out on facebook.

This morning, we decided to play coffee shop.  My fella showed me the coolest percussion thingie…and I want to share it with you.  Who ever this person is…brilliant and probably a bit crazy…in a good way!  But, if you feel inspired check it out go to: and search for “solenoid concert.”

***I tried to post the video link but, I just can’t figure out how to do it…anyone got any idea?

And I also want to share…for your music pleasure a video clip from my fellas gig this summer.  My fella’s name is Mike Tolle:)  And he is the vocalist and the dude playing the red Paul Reed Smith guitar. Have fun checkin it out!

Well, coffee shop time is over….Mike is off to practice scales and I am off to go read client notes to get ready for my day.

Have a day filled with music~

Whatever that means to you:)

3 Responses to “Mornings in music land~”

  1. My wife and daughter hate what they call “crazy daddy music.”

    solenoid concert — it’s cool!

  2. Glad you liked the concert…ain’t that cool????

  3. Here’s another music video that you might like:

    It’s an excerpt from a DVD by Animusic’s Pipe Dream:

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