Chug. Chug. Chug.

Puff. Puff. Puff.

Ding-dong, Ding-Dong.

The little ovary was a busy little bee.  Working hard to do this, that, and the other thing.  She had been alone for quite a few months trying her best to do all that needed to be done.  Lots of paper work, lots of messages to be sent to this place and that place…trying to keep everything in balance.  It was a big job for such a little ovary.

One day, she noticed that she was getting a little tired. She just couldn’t keep up.  Didn’t matter how much over time she put in…there was always more to do.  She kept trying to manage the symptoms that started showing up.   A little cramp here.  A big cramp there.  A full day of cramps.  No matter how much she rested, she did not feel refreshed. The cramps would go away, but she still felt tired.  Until one day, the cramps stayed…resting didn’t seem to make any difference.  Plus she started to swell up…she just felt awful!!!

Even though she was just a wee little ovary…she was very smart and thoughtful.  She started thinking about her twin.  Her twin had decided to skidaddle last spring along with their friend Ms. Uterus.  They had worked hard for many years and decided that it was time to retire.  They both just felt so worn down…life had not been much fun for a long time.  So, they both took off down to Florida.  They had heard that it was a fabulous place to retire!  The little Ovary had received a few postcards from Miami and Key West.  Her twin and Ms. Uterus were loving it down there.  Warm, lots of water and plenty of Pina Coladas!

“Would I love it down there as much as my twin?” she wondered.

“I wonder if I am ready to retire?” she started to ponder the possibility.

She had always loved being an ovary.  It seemed that it was the job that she was born to do…it fit her personality perfectly.  The idea of retiring both excited her and bummed her out.  She had always loved being a busy bee.  She loved that so much depended on her.  That, though she was a tiny little ovary, her being able to do her job meant so much to everyone around her.  She was so needed!

Sitting around drinking Pina Colada’s seemed kinda boring.  Maybe she could take up wind surfing…or something fun like that!  Her twin had always been the lounge around kinda babe…but, not her.  She liked to be active.  She liked chugging along doing this, that, and the other thing.

She decided that first she would need to make an appointment with the doctor that helped her twin and Ms. Uterus head out of town.  There were pictures to take, things to discuss and plans to make.  Until then…she would do the best she could too keep on keepin on.  She had always been the little ovary that could…when her twin couldn’t…she was always able to take up the extra work load.

So much to think about…

So much to decide…

* The little Ovary still lives in Lynne’s body…cramping and swelling.  As of today, little ovary has not made a decision…she is taking the next few days off to think…and waiting for the appointment with the doctor…on the 29th!  That is a LONG time to wait for such a little ovary!

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