Hi everyone!

As some of you may have noticed, I have taken and unplanned break from blogging.  Between the maiden voyage of my radio show (which launched two weeks ago), a surprise check in the mail that has allowed us to begin planning a bathroom remodel (since the walls in the shower are falling down and we have them taped together, so they will not fall on us while we shower), and the mind numbing chore of getting our taxes together…all writing creativity sorta just dried up a bit.

On top of this time of totally cool experiences, numbers (ugh), great new learning edges, and a fun wad of cash to help us fix an enormous leak in our bathroom…I have been reacquainted with a bunch of folks from my past…through facebook.

Part of this has been fun.  I log into my email and up pops someone who wants to be my friend from high school.  Or elementary school.  I recognize the name, click on the link and then I check out their pictures.  Very cool.  I love seeing the pictures and hearing about how lives have unfolded.  Do they have kids? No kids? Married? Divorced? Widowed? Careers? Were do they live? Interests. Etc.

I love it.

But then there is the other side…this is where I can use “plethora.” This plethora of feelings!

Being a kid was not so much fun for me.  It was….hmmmmm…how do I put this politely?

It sucked!

All I wanted to do was turn 18 and get the hell out of dodge.  Which I did. At 17.  And I never went back.  I had a couple of friends that I kept in touch with…one of them died a handful of years later of AIDS (she was my best friend)…the others drifted away.  Life got busy with kids and college…and life.

Jump ahead a few lifetimes later…

Reconnecting with folks who knew me way back when….

When I think back to those years, I think about who I was and who I was destined to be.  I was a really good listener…all the guys that I had crushes on would talk to me about girl troubles.  Yep.  I was that kid. It’s no shock that I became a counselor, a Hypnotherapist and then a Life Coach.

Back then, our school had a smoking area and we would all hang out, smoking and playing music (among other things).  I played guitar and sang.  We had a very talented guy who played the banjo, the harmonica and the 12 string guitar.  A couple of my other girlfriends played guitar and sang too.  We would hang out in the smoking area, playing music and imagining our future.

It’s no shock that I still listen to music all the time and I am married to a musician!

I loved hangin’ out with my friends.

I hated school.

Never went to classes.

Just couldn’t relate.

Didn’t care.

I did go on to college though.  Got a degree…major and a minor.  And went on to get a multitude of certifications…all focused in the fields of energy psychology.

Adulthood has been full of ups and downs, life and death, thriving and challenges.  What I love about adulthood is that no matter what, I design my life.  I am free to choose.  In childhood and teenagehood, I didn’t feel that freedom.  So, this is the weird side of facebook for me. It reminds me of how much I stuggled with that.


Rebellion looking for freedom.

Yep!  A plethora of feelings and memories…some fun and some…not so fun.

I was never invited to my high school reunions…I wouldn’t have gone if I was.

I guess I am attending a reunion after all.

5 Responses to “Facebook and Plethora of Feelings! (word of the day-plethora)”

  1. Yay-glad you’re back! I’ve missed you here. Looking forward to the show tomorrow.

  2. I spent a short time getting in touch with classmates on http://www.classmates.com. But when they took away the message board feature from the free membership users, I stopped using the site.

    Glad you found time to blog today!

  3. Glad that you will be there Jenny:) Thanks or all of the support~

  4. Hi there Square Peg~ I have not done the classmates one…all of these ways to get in touch. Pretty wild!

  5. Hi Lynne,
    I’m thinkin’ of you. I love the facebook thing too. It’s certainly a blast from the past at times and then seeing what people are up to now is fun. Love you!

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