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Have you ever noticed how when you say “Yes” to one thing….you say “No” to something else?  How “yes” and “no” are the same side of the coin?  It’s quite the paradox!

And how sometimes something that looked really good in the distance…so good in fact that a big huge “Yes” came out of your mouth….and then when it started to come closer, you found yourself thinking: “What was I thinking???”

This used to happen often when my kids were younger. Their classes would have parties and they needed someone to make 10 zillion cupcakes and at the time I thought that would be tons of fun.  As the day approached to make the cupcakes, I would still be in the excitement of it…until I would realize that I didn’t have enough pans to make 10 zillion cupcakes.  And since I lived far from a store that meant I would have to make 12 cupcakes at a time…which meant that I would have to start making the cupcakes days before…but, then they wouldn’t be fresh. But, then I would figure, they are kids…they don’t care…as long as there is enough frosting on the cupcakes…they won’t even notice!  So, I would start to bake…and bake…and bake.  After all the baking it was time to frost.  And YES my kids would help!  Another seducing yes.  Cuz that would be fun…and it was also a pain in the ass!  During the frosting process I would realize that I hated cupcakes and what the hell was I thinking.  And then I would start wondering how does one transport 10 zillion cupcakes?  And of course I was not a tupperware kind of gal…so that meant configuring crazy stacks of cupcakes on plates without squishing the frosting…and having the boys help me carry them down to the car without dropping them…me not dropping them…the boys were way more graceful than I…then we would get them to the school and the boys would gather some of their friends to help carry all of these plates of cupcakes.  As I palced the plates in various places on the party table and got ready to get out of there…the teacher would come up to me all “ohhhin'” and “ahhhhin” and ask if I wanted to stay to “help” with the party.  And even though I would be tired and dreaming of doing some writing in my cupcake free home…I would smile and say “Sure!  That sounds like fun!!!”

Ah, the seduction of yes!

My boys were always so happy when I would stick around for their class parties, they loved when I helped in the classroom (which I did for years…until they hit around 6th grade and would roll their eyes when I said I was helping with the reading group!).  Ok.  Then I would say no with more ease 😉

Back to the cupcakes…

I was saying “Yes” to my boys…whom I loved to reeses pieces.  That “yes” meant “no” to hanging out alone in my cupcake free home…doing some writing, some gardening and maybe even gossiping with a neighbor;)  When it came to my sons, “Yes” was very seductive indeed!

Saying “Yes” to myself was not as seducing.

So, dear readers…when you say “yes” to that experience over there…notice what your saying “no” to.  Is that “yes” a resounding yes…from your head to your toes?  What areas in your life are you seduced by “yes”?  What areas in your life do you wish you could say more “Yes’s” to?

Speaking of yes’s….

I told my VA (Virtual Assistant) that I would talk more often about the radio show Christine and I are doing on Mondays at Noon MT time.  I said “yes.”  It was a grumbly “yes” though!  So, here it goes:

If you enjoyed my mini blog conversation today…join us for our upcoming radio show:

“Reclaiming Your Inner Sense of TIming: The Seduction of Yes”.  Want me to tell ya more?  Here is the write up for the show: Ever notice how good things look from a distance but then up close they shape shift into obligation rather than opportunity? You know the story – that thing you said yes to weeks ago sounded so fun or so easy to do way back then, yet when the time approaches you’re asking yourself “what was I thinking?” Saying yes to one thing always means saying no to something else. On this show we’ll burst the seductive bubble of believing we can say “yes” to every pretty thing that passes by and still hold onto our inner sense of timing.


There…I did it!

Hope that wasn’t too much marketing for you.

It was for me:)

1 Response to “The Seduction Of Yes”

  1. Aaah, like the 300 name tags for the Girl Scout dance I offered to print in February, and the duck nesting boxes I’m agreeing to help with this month, or the history major whose computer science work I helped tutor remotely.

    The thing is, the reading, gardening, dusting, cleaning, laundry and gossiping with neighbors will always be there whenever you want them. But the opportunity to help someone, in comparison, comes along all too rarely. If we never pushed ourselves by saying yes, we’d shrink into oblivion.

    And, you know, if you didn’t bake those cupcakes, you wouldn’t have had much to write about today!

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