G’Day everyone~

Well, our bathroom is finally done and it looks fan-flippin-tastic!  I love it I love it I love it!  The last thing to finish is the door which I am in the process of putting a gazillion coats of paint on to cover up the fact that it is such a crappy door.  We were thinking of replacing it with a new one but, our house still needs foundational help …which we hope to do this summer.  Until that is done there is no use in getting new doors…cuz they will just get messed up~

You see, our house moves.  A lot.  We have cracks everywhere and during some seasons the doors don’t shut…including the front door.  So, if anyone is reading this that likes to break into houses, ya just missed the good time.  Our front door doesn’t close all the way in April.  Come May it closes really well…but, the bathroom door doesn’t close. And then we have the times of year that the doors close too well and it is hard to get the door opened once it has been closed.  If we have anyone over, I stand by in case someone can’t get out of the bathroom. Good times.

(Dear Universe, we need a chunk of change to show up in the next month or two so we can stop the house from moving so much.  Love Lynne).

Back to the bathroom…

As soon as I can figure out how to put pictures up on my blog…I will show you the scary “before” pictures (with a warning of course!) and then the stunning “after” pictures.  The “before” pictures are really bad…in fact, most of my friends have never seen the bathroom cuz I was too embarrassed to show anyone.  Hint: there were mushrooms of some sort growing in the shower!

So, next week starts Round II…the hall bathroom.  Which is also gross but, we needed to use something as a bathroom!  I am sure that the sub-floor will need to be replaced due to the fact that when we walk on it squishes…and has since we moved in about 5 years ago!  We have tried to have the mystery leak fixed but, it seemed like every person that said “Yep, it’s all fixed now!” just made it worse!

There is also a good chance that once the room is cleared out there will be more surprises…but, luckily we have a good guy helping us with this project.  When I say “helping” I really mean we are paying him to do everything.  Well, I did all the painting.  And picked everything out.  And made things perty! The guy that we hired is great.  He is a friend of ours.  He is fun to have around.  He works for pizza.  And he is doing an awesome job with everything. Oh…and our dog likes him.

I know that some people are NOT so lucky!

As I mentally prepare for Round II, I find myself very excited to have it all done and a bit nervous.  You see…”they” are right when they say that these kind of projects ALWAYS take longer than expected and ALWAYS cost more than expected. The taking more time isn’t much of a problem…it’s the costing more than we expect that is a bit of a challenge.

We want to get the bathroom done AND go to our friends house in Idaho (Hi Kerry 😉 ) for their sons wedding.  Oh, and we need to get our foundation fixed before this winter.  Cha-ching!!!!  But, yay for us cuz we are really good at stretching a dollar and really good at thinking out of the box.

…just got back from an errand and I found a $5.00 bill on the ground.  Looked around for who it might belong to…but no one was there.

Thanks for listening Universe…I was thinking of a little bit more than that 😉 but, this will help:)  Might just make it to Idaho after all!

Have an abundant day!

2 Responses to “Bathroom #1…done~”

  1. Congrats on the new bathroom!

    “We have tried to have the mystery leak fixed but, it seemed like every person that said “Yep, it’s all fixed now!” just made it worse!”

    Are you sure it’s a leak and not just condensation from the toilet tank?

  2. I wish it was just that! The toilet sorta got fixed…still a leak…but the bigger leak comes from the cracks in the tile in the shower…leaking behind the wall…ugh! But, it will be all better soon:) Yay!

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