My fella and I have talked about what it would be like to live to a 100 years old.  He really really really wants too.  And me?  I am not so sure.  We also have a pact that we will die at the same time or I will die before him. I have been widowed once already and let me tell ya…it sucked!

So, if we die together…and he lives until he is 100…I would be living until I am 94 years old.

Okay, maybe.

But, for us to die together, some freak accident would have to occur or it would have to be planned.   Maybe we could pull off a romantic death like in “The Notebook” or we could be radical and do a “Thelma and Louise.”

Or I could croak before him any old time I want.

So much to think about…

If I do decide to live to be 100 there would have to be some things taken care of.  For example, I would have to be wealthy.  I mean stinkin’ wealthy.  Rollin’ in dough…nothin to worry about wealthy.  House paid for…plenty of money to hire the cute young 70 year old man to mow my lawns kind of wealthy!

I would also need to be a healthy 100 year old.  Like the cute old women who still go to their gardening club parties…and meet their girl friends for tea…or drinks.  I would still do yoga and go hiking…maybe even surf.  I could be the cool old lady who surfs with all the younger folks.  They could call me granny.  Hey, I could handle that by then!  I could go surfing with all of my great great great grandkids.  That sounds like fun!

Then there would have to be tons of traveling.  Me and my fella could cruise all over the world having all sorts of adventures.  Riding camels in the desert (although that might not be as cool in reality as it is in my head), snorkeling in far off lands, hiking in Peru, romantic holidays in Paris and London…maybe even a cruise or two. Since we would be rollin in dough, maybe we could rent some homes all over the world and we would meet up with the kids (who would be in their 70’s by then) and hang out in different countries for a couple of months here and there.

My friends would all have to be alive with us.  I have lost many friends and that sucks too.  So, everyone I love HAS to be alive too.  Then we can hang out and reminisce about how we smoked pot in the restroom at that concert when we were in our 70’s!

I can almost see what we will look like.  My fella’s hair all gray and shaggy, still wearing tie dye t-shirts, jeans and his Teva’s.  Me?  I will have long gray hair and still wear tie die t-shirts, jeans and my Teva’s.  Yep, I can see us…all cute and old and sprightly and charming.  People always think we are in our 80’s~  We don’t say anything to contradict them.  We just smile, wink and walk away.


So, maybe.

Oh…a couple more other things are must’s.  I don’t want to have to wait in lines when I am a hundred years old.  I want to enjoy wearing miss matched socks (cough…I already do that!) and I want to be able to wear big funny hats.  Like ones that you would imagine Dr. Suess’s characters wearing.  Yep.  That sounds fun too.  And maybe I could go back to wearing dresses with my hiking boots like I did when I was a teenager.  Ohhhhh that sounds fun too.


Might work for me.

Maybe I would learn how to play the fiddle and my fella and I can jam together.  Maybe I could take up the harp again.  Maybe I would dust off my 12 string guitar and have some fun.  I could learn how to blow glass…how to make stained glass lamp shades…how to make glass beads…hmmmmm…

guess I could start doing that now :)

Lots to think about…lots of fun to plan for…might just start now!

Better start playing the lottery again 😉

4 Responses to “Living one hundred years~”

  1. You play the harp?! I didn’t know that. How COOL!

  2. Hey jenny~ I took lessons for about 1/2 year and that is about it. I would not say I “play” the harp…maybe some day I will take it up again and really learn it well. These instruments take a long long long time to learn :)
    Maybe when I am 85…

  3. Yes, start now :)

  4. It might be fun to re-read the poem, “When I Am Old I Shall Wear Purple.” It’s a good one to go with this post.

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