Good morning Lovely Reader~

I have recently become a very busy babe…a bazillion clients (Yay!), the radio show (which is on Monday’s at 2:00 PT…check out my blogtalkradio link to the right of this post…how’s that for mentioning the show Cynthia?)…plus blogging (which I haven’t been doing much of) and weeding the tons of weeds that have taken over our yard since the last rain. Oh, and the bathroom remodeling that is going on…and the book that I am writing which I finally thought of the best title for…Yay!!!

On top of this fabulous busy-ness…I have this little thing that sneaks in sometimes.  I will be crusin along working on this that and the other thing…going to the gym…writing…weeding…la la la la la…then KA-BAMMMMMM! I start feeling this feeling.  It is a bad feeling.  It starts out as this awful pressure in my bladder….then in my urinary tract…and then before I know it…the pressure turns into this burning feeling. Luckily, this pain had lightened up over the last year…it doesn’t feel like glass shards anymore…it’s more like a burning searing pain.

Much better.

I am guessing that it is stirred up by my hormones cuz I will be just dandy and then out of the blue I will want to cry during The Daily Show and before I know it…ouch.  There it is. The IC is back.

Sneaky little sucker.

Well, at least I have a little warning.

Now the interesting part of this (at least to me 😉 ) is that since my surgery last year and the resulting amazing healing that has occurred…I have become a total baby when it comes to pain.  I used to be really bad ass.  Not any more.  I have absolutely NO tolerance for it anymore.




And because I am who I am…I found one thing that helps soothe my inner big baby.  Well, there is really more than one thing…I have my pain meds (Yay) and my heating pad (Yay) and the baking soda that I put into warm baths (Yay) and the french fries (total Yay)…and last but not least….pink nail polish.  Now this is no ordinary pink.  This pink is a pretty spring pink with a hint of sparkles in it:)   When I look at my nails while I am sweating from pain…I think “Ooooh perty!”

Today is day 3 of this icky pain and as I lay on the couch, writing this post, with the heating pad on my owie lower belly…I look at my pretty nails as they type on the key board….

“Ooooh perty!”  relaxes me right away 😉

And since I am who I am…this makes me laugh…cuz how funny is it that pink nail polish brings a smile to my face?

So even though I have become a big baby when it comes to pain…I also have a child like pleasure from the small things~  I like that. It’s a funny little polarity!

So…how about you?

What is your secret when dealing with pain?

What puts a smile on your face even though you have pain?

What is a unique way that you soothe yourself when you are in pain?

Would love love love to hear from you!

Have a spring pink day with a hint of glitter!

2 Responses to “Pink Nail Polish and IC (Interstitial Cyctitis)”

  1. I’ve been very fortunate to not have extreme pain. I very rarely take NSAIDs.

    Probably the worst was pain from an ear infection, but it was so long ago that I don’t remember how I coped with it.

    I also have occasional nagging foot pain. But it happens only when I’m standing, so I can alleviate it just by sitting down and elevating my feet.

    I’m glad you have something that works for you!

  2. IC pain or labor?–that’s how bad an IC attack can feel. Hope yours is easing up Lynne and you’ll soon feel that amazing feeling of painlessness, that follows severe pain.

    When IC attack is bad for me, I can’t sit or lay down. For some reason, I start organizing– my closet or my junk drawer. Productivity as a balance to pain.

    When the pains too bad for standing and organizing, I make myself a “nest” near the bathroom–as an IC attack requires one near. I use comforters and pillows, the great cuddling teddy bear my daughter gave me and my heating pad. Sometimes I read a good book for distraction and sometimes I just curl up with the pain and wait for IC meds. to give some relief.

    Sending you warm cozy “pain go away” thoughts.

    Happy for you for all the fun busy stuff you’re doing and hope you can get back to it soon. Love, Kerry

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