“Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.” Oscar Wilde

I love this quote.  Mainly cuz it let’s me off the hook for being so inconsistent with my blog…oh and cleaning my house.

Thanks Mr Wilde~

3 Responses to “Quote Friday~”

  1. I love this quote so much that I blogged about it!


  2. Lynne, For those of us with the consistent inconsistency of chronic illness, this is a great quote!

    Here’s to dust bunnies free to roam the house inconsistently, to bloggers free to write when inspired… Your blog posts are mucho fun whenever no matter how inconsistently posted!

    Hope you are feeling better. Love, Kerry

  3. Hey Kerry~ When I woke up this morning and headed out to the place were coffee lives…yay…along my way I was attacked by a big huge dust bunny. Well, it was more like a dust monster! Instead of sweeping the whole house…cuz it really really needs it…I scooped up that one dust monster and then poured myself some coffee!
    For some reason that made me feel really good 😉

    Sorry that I haven’t called. I have a bazillion clients so by the time my day is done, my phone is so tired and so am I!

    Lots of love~
    Off to go read your blog~

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