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Here is your Friday quote:

“People who want to share their religious views with you almost never want you to share yours with them!”  Dave Barry

Last week I had just hung up from a call when someone knocked on the door.  Of course my dog went crazy with her barking and after yelling at the door “just a minute,” I got her in her crate and opened the door…only to find a woman and her young son standing there with strange looks on their faces.

I thought maybe they needed to use a phone or something.


They needed to talk to me about their god.

I do try to be polite even though this particular group of folks knocks on my door at least once a month.  Do they really think that I am going to open my door and say “I sure do want to hear about your god strange lady and small child….come on in!!!”

Since this happens often, I have tried many different things to get them to stop coming to my house…from “please don’t come here anymore, you keep scaring my dog!” to “I was raised Catholic” to “I am an atheist” to “you are scaring me please stop coming here!”  Nothing stops them.


And when they bring their small children, I just feel bad.  I feel bad for the kid and I feel bad for me.

This time I thought…maybe they would be interested in my spiritual views.  So I said “Well, I have heard about your god already and it just doesn’t resonate with me.  I am more of spiritual kind of babe with pagan under tones.  I like to light lots of candles and dance under the moon light!”

Well, that was that.

She looked at me and said “there is only one true god!”

I looked at her and asked “Let me guess…your god?”

She nodded “yes” and started to hand me the literature…had some picture of a young man with blond hair and the sun shining behind him.  I said “No thanks.”  As they walked away, I thought that the advertising for this god was pretty good.  The whole blond hair and blue eyed thing.  Kind of false advertising though.  The dude was most likely dark skinned with dark hair but maybe her god was a surfer dude from California.

I didn’t ask.

I let my dog out of her crate and decided to stop answering the door when I think someone knocking might be selling a god.

Or maybe I can get a sign for my front door that says “Please, no religious solicitors. Thank you!”

Something to think about….

10 Responses to “Quote Friday~”

  1. I bet that between you and me we could come up with a GREAT sign!

  2. Hey Jenny~ Yes we could 😉 Between your irreverence and mine we could be very creative!

  3. Since they don’t think they are soliciting (really, they don’t) perhaps: “NO WITNESSING! This home is part of the Witness Protection Progam.”

  4. P.S. Now I have to go visit the Daily Kitten to cleanse myself.

  5. Good point Alix…I hadn’t thought of that. I like your idea for the sign…hmmmmmm what colors shall I paint it? It has to look pretty while shoo-ing folks away~

    I burned some candles and incense after they left…house felt much cleaner after that 😉

  6. Lynne:

    I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but I suspect if you actually did show up at their house of worship and carried on a bit, they’d never try to invite you back again. :)

    In fact, they’d probably create a *new* sin that would forbid canvasing your neighbor for new members! Especially if you were to show up with Jenny Ryan. :>

    Have a great, spiritual weekend!

  7. Hey there Mr Peg~
    Yep! I think you are right about all of that:) And if Jenny and I went there…we would certainly cause some trouble;) Big trouble!!!
    Hee hee…fun to think about!!!
    Signed: sinfully spiritual in Loveland, CO

  8. I’m not sure the earth is yet ready to handle the magnitude of awesome irreverent energy that would be unleashed were Lynne and I to be in the same physical location at the same time. But rest assured, we are preparing…ONE DAY!

  9. Okay, then. That’s one more thing to add to my “Things to do when I get disgustingly wealthy” — arrange for Lynne and Jenny to meet in some austere location and have several video cameras running.

  10. Thanks Mr Peg:) Jenny and I would love to help take some of that wealth off your hands:) Not a problem!!!!

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