Hey there you fabulous readers you!!!!  I have been having a bit of trouble with my IC and hence…yep…hence!  Hence…I have had no energy…no creative energy to write.  I am having a droopy drawers week!  I have been looking at quotes for a while now and can find nothing that sums up how I feel having this sneaky little sucker showing up again.

Here is the scenario:  Recently I had my hormones tested because I had been reading a bunch about bioidentical hormones and thought that this might be part of my low energy. The results came back and my levels are low, low…low.  My doctor said that this was probably effecting my energy levels and that I would start feeling much better in no time.

But, because I am who I am…I didn’t.

In fact, a few days after taking it…I started to feel pressure. IC pressure.  Not a good feeling.  And since I had years of being really sick with this thing…this pressure scared the crap out of me.  Yes, I tapped on it.  Yes, I did all the things that I used to do to help ease it.  And yes, it’s still there.  Shit!

So, I called my doctor and they want me to continue for another month.  Here is the other part of this whole sticky wicket:  When I had my surgery last year, they found many many many pre-cancer cells.  My doctor told me that there is a theory that low hormone levels contribute to ovarian and breast caner.  And since I don’t know my family history (I am adopted) they have a ‘bit of concern’ about this.

Well…what the hell am I supposed to do with that????

I was talking with my friend Alix yesterday and she pointed out that her oncologists would not agree with the hormone theory.  If this pressure doesn’t go away…I am going to focus on what Alix said!!!  That feels much better.

So, I sorta said I would give this hormone thing a try for another month.  I didn’t commit…it was more like a “well, I will see how I do.”  I woke up this morning…and yep…still having pressure.  Which means I can’t go to the gym, I can’t sit in my office and work…I can’t really sit at all…another day of pain meds, heating pads, decorating shows and the couch.


So, here is my quote for the day:

Healing looks like a lot of different things.  It is not always what we think it’s gonna be!

Lynne Morrell

Have a day!

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  2. I am so sorry you’ve had the “droopy drawers craparoo” kind of week. I love those phrases by the way — so expressive! Love the quote too! Hope you’re feeling better soon. Miss ya!!

  3. Jenny….fun way ya phrased that:) Might have to steal that for an upcoming blog!

    Hey Sherlock~ I like that phrase too…it fits…”droopy drawers” just fits!!! I am resting the whole day so, hopefully tomorrow I will feel mo betta!

    Have a good day you two!

  4. Ahh, such nice service from your doctor … NOT!

    He / she actually wants you to suffer for a whole month? That’s insane.

    And it’s a lot like what my wife is going through now.

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