As some of you know who have been reading my blog for awhile, listening to the radio show, being one of my fabulous clients or hangin out as one of my groovy friends….I love love love slang.

I do.

If I can’t remember a word to describe something or if I don’t like the word most formally used to describe something…I tend to make words up or use some sort of slang.  Swearing also works well for filler.  I don’t have the bestest of grammar so slang is great to create sentences that are fun, light hearted and no one can really take offense at my crappy grammar!

I hope.

Anyway, this morning while reading the New York Times I came upon a fun article talking about this topic of slang called “Street Smart.” After devouring the article (along with my eggs, toast and coffee), I jumped on line to check out one of the websites discussed:

This site is so fun and cool.  It sounds like lots of young pumpkindoodles hang out there…but, I am young at heart so I guess it is okay for me to stop by for a gander!  There are phrases and words which folks rate with a thumbs up or down for best description.  They even had “Hiking in Appalachia” so it is nice and up to date 😉

Here are a few I found that I thought were creative and cool…and I am may add them to my repetoire from time to time:

Brain Bleach: “What one might use to erase a particularly nasty image or memory.”  Then Steve f (creator of said definition) wrote a sentence : Man I just saw Olga in skin-tight canary yellow stretch tight pants.  I need to score me about 5 gallons of brain bleach”

Okay.  Funny.  Maybe Olga needs to wear loose pants.  But, lately I have been loving the color canary yellow….might even paint my stained glass studio that color!

Bromance: “Describes the complicated love and affection shared by two straight males.”

*The sentence that was used isn’t worth mentioning here.  But, I thought this one was strange and interesting because back in the day…they used to call this “friendship.”  Ahhh how things change!

Nonversation: “A  completely worthless conversation, wherein nothing is illuminated, explained or otherwise elaborated upon. Typically occurs at parties, bars or other events where meaningful conversation is nearly impossible.” Fun defination by wordsbywilson.

*we used to call this “small talk” but I must say that nonversation is a fun way to chat about this thing that happens at parties.  I was never very good at this way of hangin out.  Maybe that is part of what makes me such a wall flower at parties.  But, I have friends that are and I think that though nothing is illuminating…the problems of the world may not have been solved…it is an art form.

Well, I can go on and on with this and use my whole morning playing on this site.  So, instead I will share with you some of my slangs:

Droopy Drawers: Pretty darned tootin tired.

Cufuffle: In such a funky monkey position that one can’t see the solution yet.

Coinkydink: A coincidence, that is a head scratcher, but will make someone laugh.

Dandydoodle: Everything is lovelywith a twist 😉

Fab-o-rama Everything is going great!

Pumpkindoodle: Term of endearment…mostly used towards kidlets.  But, I freely use it with everyone 😉

Burst of joy: Having a moment of extreme joy for no particular reason and then getting back to folding the laundry!

Oh and I forgot about these two.  Thanks Jenny 😉

Pair-of-Ducks: A light, playful way to chat about a paradox…which may not always feel so light and playful~

Furball: A chunk of eucky emotion stuck somewhere inside that is need of being coughed up!

Well,  I could go on and on with this too…but, it’s time to go play with my fella out and about in the world!

Signed: slangin in Loveland, CO

4 Responses to “I am totally down with that!”

  1. Don’t forget your, “Pair-a-ducks”. Or “furball”. Thanks to you, I have incorporated these into my vocabulary :)

  2. Oh….right. I will go back and add those right now 😉

  3. I think brain bleach is my favorite. Always enjoy Lynnisms. I like making up words myself. Have you noticed though how they complicate spell check?

  4. Hey there Kerry~
    Love Brain Bleach…it hits it right on the mark:)
    I am such a crappy speller these days that making up words and the spelling for them kinda makes me feel better!

    Hope you are doing okie dokie my friend~

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