Hey there fabulous folks!

I am all sorts of inspired from the EFT conference that I just came home from.  Fantastic presentations by Rue Hass and Gwyneth Moss~  Brilliant babes for sure!!! As well as funny and irreverent…I absolutely love that combo!

The conference was held at a beautiful place called Sunrise Ranch.  Just up the hill from me.  (When I say “hill”, I mean the Rockies 😉 ) The rooms were nice, clean and comfy.  Food was yum-a-roo!  The grounds were so lovely…with lots of places to hike during breaks.  The staff was very generous and helpful.  It was awesome.  Absolutely awesome.

I also had the opportunity to meet many cool folks who attended the event.  I love meeting new people who do EFT and new people who are just learning about EFT.  Makes for a nice little community feeling.

After the first day, I realized that I was enjoying the socializing~ working at home can feel very isolating sometimes…ya know? I get kinda weird if I stay at home to many days in a row…ya know?  I start talking to myself…and sometimes some one answers 😉 Anyway, it felt great to be out and about.

So, here I was learning, tapping, eating yummy food, going on a zillion walks with my friend Sheryl, hiking with new friends….Monday rolled around in a blink of an eye…and it was time to go home.


Now don’t get me wrong here.  I love my home.  I love my fella.  I love my boys…oops…young men sons…I love my life at home.  It’s just that it was so nice to learn, tap, eat yummy food (that I didn’t have to cook or clean up…not that I really cook these days…I am more of a PB&J kinda gal lately…but, you know what I mean!) to hang out with Sheryl, to meet new friends…

So, I packed up my stuff.  Said “good bye” to my room.  Said “good bye” to Rue and Gwyneth.  Said “good bye” to my new friends…said “good bye” to the Ranch and headed home.

When I walked in the front door, my youngest boy….oops…I mean young man son…had cleaned the house.  The floors were swept.  Carpets were vacuumed.  Counters were wiped up.  He even cleaned the front windows.

With tears in my eyes, I gave him a big hug:

My boy:  “God mom why are you crying?????”

Me (sniffle): Cuz the house looks so nice!”

My boy:  “Well you told me to make sure the house looked the way it did when you left…or you would kill me! I am glad I started cleaning this morning…cuz you would have freaked out at how messy we got everything!!!!”

The conference was grand…but, it was good to be back home with my fam :)

Now if I can just get all of this inspiration focused I will be good to go.

Ta Ta For Now~

2 Responses to “I am all sorts of Inspired!”

  1. Hi Lynne, I just popped in to say hello and saw that you’ve been to Sunrise Ranch! We were there 2 years ago for a Kryon Discovery Weekend and had a wonderful time. We didn’t actually sleep overnight at the ranch as it was full, but at a hotel in Loveland. Glad you had such a great time.

    Gatherings like these are so full of wonderful energy. About four a year would keep me pumped just about fine!

  2. Hey there Kate~ Nice to see you :)
    I loved it up there. We are going to put some energy into bringing more EFT conferences and trainings here to CO…using Sunrise Ranch as the meeting place.
    4 times a years sounds awesome!!!!

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