Hello dandy Dudes and Dudettes!

Last night was a long night.

A very long night.

Remember my son?  The one who came back in June, after riding his bike ALONE down to Arizona and hangin out there for a handful of months?  Well, he has decided to hang out near Estes Park in his tent.  That sounds fun. But.  And this is a BIG but….he decided to set his tent up on a cliff so that he would have a panoramic view of the Thompson River.  Okay.  That sounds fun as well.  But.  And this is another BIG but…there has been lightning and heavy downpours lately.

Last night I woke up at 1:00am to a huge lightning storm.  The sky was all lit up…thunder rolling…the smell of rain in the air.  On any other night this would be a nice way for me to wake up.  Not last night.  My first thought was for my son.  My flippin wanderlust son!

I lay awake for the next 3 hours wondering if I should drive up there…doing tapping on my fear that he was gonna be electrocuted and brain fried.  Or that he would fall of the cliff and go careening to his death.  Or that some how he was gonna be in a flood and drown…though that didn’t really make sense cuz he was up high on a cliff.  I still could imagine it happening.

Believe me when I say that my ability to make scary shit up in my head is legendary!!!!

After a really rough night, I dragged my self out of bed this morning…turned on my email and found an email from him.  Recounting the nights events.  Harrowing to say the least.  At least to me.  The mother!  But, he is ok.  He thought it was “awesome.”  His words…NOT MINE~  And he is looking forward to tonight.

After reading the email…and visibly relaxing…I came to the conclusion that parenting is a marathon…not a sprint.

You think you are done with worry…kids are grown up right?  So wrong.  I can’t believe how dillusional I was about this.  I really thought that things would settle down by now.  But, nay.  Not a chance.

Maybe after this camping trip he will want to get an apartment.

There I go again.

Optimistically makin shit up.

I think I need a new pair of tennies 😉

4 Responses to “Parenting is a marathon…not a sprint!”

  1. My imagination rivals yours! LOL I can imagine the most gosh-awful stuff and the middle of the night is the worst! Other times, I can distract myself with a good book or just surfing online. Glad he enjoyed his camping trip and hope an apartment is in the near future! :-)

  2. Hey there Sherlock!
    What is that about humans…that we can imagine such horrible things. Really creates a lot of anxiety…AND it is such a waste of a good imagination 😉

    I hope the apartment is in the near future as well…but…who knows.
    More wine please!!!!

  3. Imagination = Anxiety = Fear = Issues

  4. ISSUES!! Yep :)

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