I have decided to add a new thingie to my blog….Tapping Tuesdays!  This will be the day that I give you all some dandy tapping sequences to use on various topics. If you have any topics that you would like me to cover…let me know :)

Since I work with so many people who have chronic illness…I thought that I would just start there.

If you are new to EFT/MTT (Meridian Tapping Technique…same thing as EFT just a different name) you can check out the tapping points here or go here to download Gary Craig’s free EFT manual. I highly recommend that anyone who wants to do EFT download this manual~  Great place to start!



Before we start tapping….tune into what is happening in your body today. Notice if there are any pockets of pain…and write down what you notice.  What is the pain like?  (Sharp, dull, pulsing, blue, loud, fuzzy…etc) Now give it a rating 0-10.  Write that down as well.

If your symptoms are more about exhaustion, or numbness, or fogginess….tune into that…notice it…describe it…and rate the intensity (0-10).

If you don’t have a chronic illness, you can still tap along and borrow benefits.

How can you borrow benefits?

Think of something that you want relief from…let’s say you want to exercise but, you can’t get the motivation to do it.  Write down what gets in the way of exercise: exercise sucks or I am too lazy or I am too uncomfortable in my own skin to exercise…or whatever the thoughts are.  Then rate how true this feels to you (0-10). Where do you feel this in your body?  Now, just tap along…

Living with Chronic Illness Sucks! (this is also the title of my upcoming book :) )

Sore Spot/Karate: “Even though this chronic illness sucks…I hate it.  It has made my life so flippin hard and I am sick and tired of being so damned sick and tired…I acknowledge how I feel about this!!

Even though this chronic illness sucks and I hate it…I want to feel good…but, I don’t…I can’t accept this illness…but some day soon…I hope I can accept myself~

Even though living with chronic illness sucks, part of me knows that me and my body are doing the best that we can!”

Inside of eye brow: Chronic illness sucks!

Side of eye: It totally sucks!!!

Under eye: I have all of this pain and exhaustion

Under nose: I am sick and tired of being so damned sick and tired!

Chin: This marathon has gone on too long!

Collar bone: All of this pain and exhaustion

Under arm: Pain and exhaustion

Liver point: When will I get better?

Top of head: Will I ever get better?

Inside of eyebrow: I am afraid that this will never heal

Side of eye: I am so tired of being so tired

Under eye: Chronic illness sucks!

Under nose: This chronic illness sucks!

Chin: But, deep deep deep down inside

Collar bonePart of me knows…

Under arm: That I am doing the best that I can

Liver point And so is my body

Top of headMe and my body

Inside of eye brow: We are in this together

Side of eyeMe and my body

Under eye: we are in this together

Under nose: And even though this illness flippin sucks

Chin: I choose to love myself anyway

Collar bone: Even though this illness flippin sucks

Under arm: I know that I am doing the best that I can

Liver point: And so is my body

Top of head: Me and my body…we are doing the best that we can.

Take a nice deep breath~  and again~

Tune into your body…notice any changes in the pain? In the exhaustion?  In your feelings towards the pain and exhaustion?

For those of you who were borrowing benefits~ notice any changes.  Did the number change?  How do you feel in your skin now?  Any changes?

If you want more support with any of this…give me a jingle~

For more tapping join me next Tuesday:)

Oh…and there are podcasts coming very soon focusing on losing weight.  Tapping videos will be joining my website soon after that:)  So keep stopping by…lots of cool new things on the horizon :)

Have a soft and gentle day!

2 Responses to “Tappin Tuesday~ Living with Chronic Illness Sucks!”

  1. Hi Lynne:

    I e-mailed for the free basic manual. EFT is one of the many things I’d like to learn about before I die (not that I’m expected to die soon).

    Knowing almost nothing about it, I wonder if EFT is sort of like accupressure. I guess I’ll find out soon!

  2. Hey there Mr Peg~
    EFT is sorta like accupressure. It uses some of the main accupunture points. Instead of using needles, you use your fingertips. Very mobile :)

    If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask me.
    I am excited that you are interested in it…it is an awesome tool :)
    Bye fer now

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