Welcome to my second installment of Tapping Tuesday!

I woke up late this morning…which is fairly unusual for me.  I am a 6:00-6:30 riser…and this morning I slept until 7:15.  Late Late Late….for a very important date!

What am I late for?

Writing this blog post.

And since I was a bit late….the first thought I had was….”Well, maybe I can just put this off one more day!”

Guess what ladies and gents?…that is gonna be our topic for the day!


So, sit back and let’s get to some tappin’!

Think of something that you have been putting off.  Try it on something small…or big…or in the middle.  Write down that thing…and rate the resistance (0-10) you feel when you think of doing that thing that you are putting off.

Lots of times we are putting things off because if we do that thing…then we have to do all of these other things first.  Here is an example from my own cute little life.  I want to set up a studio in the room that my son just vacated.  It ain’t that straight forward.  Cuz first, I gotta organize the hall closet so that I can store some of the items that are left over in his room.  Then, I have to take everything out of the room.  Rip up the carpet. Then, I can start on the fun stuff…painting the floor, the walls, the ceiling…then painting the cool Dr Suess-y swirly things that I have in my mind…then put shelves in the closet…and then…and then…and then.

So, you see….it is not just about setting up a studio for me.  There a bazillion steps before I can start setting up the space.

Think of your own situation…that thing that you are procrastinating.  If there a steps before you can get to it…start with the first step.  For me it is organizing that hall closet….that closet from H-E-L-L!!!

My resistance to doing this first step?


10 bazillion!

Now, think about how you will feel once this thing is completed.  Imagine it done.  Ahhhhhhhh nice!  Having this room done will feel so good.  I will be able to do stained glass projects.  I will be able to bead again.  I will be able to sew some cool pillows.  Imagining that feels very uplifting and exciting:)

Okie dokie….here we go (I am gonna use the closet as the thing to tap on.  Tap along with me and borrow benefits.)

Sore Spot or Karate Chop Point: Even though this project feels overwhelming…there are too many things to do.  I accept myself and I acknowledge this overwhelm.

Even though cleaning out that closet is gonna be a pain in the ass…I just don’t want to deal with it today.  Or tomorrow.  I wish it would just magically reorganize itself!  I accept myself and this procrastination around organizing that closet!

Even though I don’t want to clean out this closet…it is too much…I would rather clean the toilet than deal with that closet!  I have all this resistance to cleaning out the closet.  I love and accept myself anyway!

Inside of eye: I don’t wanna clean that closet!!!

Side of eye: Can’t someone else do it????

Under eye: How come I always have to clean out the closets????

Under nose: It’s not fair!!!

Chin: I don’t want to do it!!!

Collar bone: How come it is all up to me???

Under arm: That stupid closet!

Liver point: With all that stupid stuff in it!!!

Top of head: All of this overwhelm

Inside of eye: All of this overwhelm around that closet

Side of eye: That stupid, dummy closet!!

Under eye: I wish it would just organize itself!

Under nose: This closet overwhelm

Chin: All those things that I gotta find homes for

Collar bone: Maybe it won’t be as hard as I am thinkin’

Under arm: Ya it will be!

Liver point: Maybe it won’t be as hard as I am thinkin

Top of head: Maybe….

Now take a deep breath…

Go back to that thing that you have been procrastinating…rate the resistance.  Has the number changed?  Mine has…it went from a bazillion to a 4.

Let’s imagine that thing completed again.  Feel how good that feels.  Since my resistance is down around a 4 I am gonna add in the good feelings of the completed version of the closet.  If your resistance is higher than a 4…you might want to repeat that round that we just did…one more time.  Change the words up to match how you are feeling about the project.

One more round…

Sore spot or Karate chop point: Even though there is still some resistance to cleaning out this closet, I know that it is going to feel so good to have it all done and organized!

Even though I still feel some resistance to cleaning out this closet…I will love it once it is done.  I will feel so good to open the door and see everything organized and easy to get to.

Even though there is still a bit of resistance to cleaning out this closet…I love and accept myself anyway~

Inside of eye: This resistance

Side of eye:  This remaining resistance

Under eye: towards cleaning and organizing that closet

Under nose: resisting cleaning out the closet

Chin: this remaining overwhelm

Collar bone: This remaining overwhelm

Under arm: the closet and all that means to me

Liver point: the closet and all that means to me

Top of head: the remaining resistance

Inside of eye: it is gonna feel so good to have this done

Side of eye: it is gonna feel so nice to have it organzed

Under eye: Maybe it won’t be as hard as I am thinking

Under nose: Maybe

Chin: I love when things are organized

Collar bone: it will feel so good to open the closet door

Under arm: and have everything organized

Liver point: It will feel so good

Top of head: to have everything in the closet organized.

Now…take a nice deep breath…

Go back to that thing that you were procrastinating.  Rate the resistance now.  Any change?  Well, mine is down to a ‘1’ so, I will do one more round.

Let me know how this goes for you!

I am off to go clean out that closet :)

2 Responses to “Tapping Tuesday– Let’s just put this off one more day!”

  1. I’ve been procrastinating, too. I’m supposed to organize a dinner meeting. On Sunday I woke up with anxiety about it, so I’m finally motivated to get started. Which I did. I booked the restaurant and started to call speakers.

    I don’t know why I resist it. I’ve been doing it every year for the past six years or so. I think it’s because I don’t like calling total strangers. And I get nervous that no one will show up.

  2. Perfect stuff to tap on:
    “Even though I hate calling total strangers…it ain’t my thing! I accept myself anyway”

    and then…
    “Even though I am afraid that no one will show up…that would suck! I accept myself and how this fear~”

    Let us know how it goes:)

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