I have been landing in a lot of “finally’s” lately~  You know…those things that have been spinning around in your brain and you finally take care of them?  Those are the ones!

I finally wrote that blog on healing that I has been floating around in my brain for awhile…

I finally washed all of our blankets so we can be cozy and warm in bed this fall…

I finally finished my newsletter (if you feel inspired to sign up…box is on the right…it is goin out today 😉 )

I finally cleaned out the closet…found my favorite t-shirt :)

I finally washed my car…and then it rained…

I finally called back my fabulous friend….she had called a month ago!!!!

I finally threw out those weird smelling bottles of this, that and the other thing that were in the fridge…oh and I cleaned out the veggie drawer.  I always feel so guilty cuz there is always something to throw out.

I finally fertilized all of my house plants… (I think that I was supposed to that in the spring ;))

I finally swept out the water heater closet!  It is weird how much dog hair finds it way into that space.

I am finally taking the mosaic tiling class that I have wanted to take for years!  And it is as fun as I thought it would be:)

…and on a super duper fun note…I mean I am talking SUPER DUPER…I am finally ready to do teleclasses and I am going to be part of an upcoming workshop.  I have been asked to do these kind of things for years and could not handle the intense terror when I thought about doing it.

So, thanks to EFT, I am ready…nervous…but ready.


If you want to find out more about the upcoming teleclasses (I am partnering with my fabulous friend Christine!) check out my classes link above!  They are gonna be awesome!!!!

The weird thing about finally getting all of these things done is that there are still more to do.  It’s like my inner list maker is breeding.  Check one off…ten more to go.  Check another one off…twelve more to go.  It makes it a bit of a challenge to bask in all my finally-ness glory!

I guess that is just life…clothes in laundry baskets breed and so do inner lists.

But for now…I am gonna consciously bask is my finally-ness glory.

The lists can wait.

They always do :)

So cutie patuties…how about you?  What finally-ness would you like to celebrate?

Let’s have a party!!!  I will bring the wine~

4 Responses to “Finally…”

  1. I finally set some boundaries….and stuck to them!

  2. Whoo hooo, Lynne! Your energy is really moving – and so is mine! I am thrilled that we are finally going to be offering tele-classes together. I love working with you. And I’m ecstatic that we are having those radical and irreverent coaching conversations together on blog talk radio – and I absolutely love it that people are finding our show and getting in on the conversations. So very much is moving and shaking and making things happen in you and in me and in us together. You just bask away in the satisfied land of finally-ness. One thing, though – want to come over and clean out some of my closets? xoxooxoxoxo

  3. OMG I’m exhausted reading your post! LOL I guess my next “finally” will have to be the closets. That’ll take me a month!! Congrats on getting so much done!

  4. Hey there babe-a-roos!

    Carol~ Cool “finally” 😉
    Christine~ I am so happy to be doing these projects with you…co-creation at its best:)
    As for the closets…hmmmmmmmm
    Sherlock~ sorry I pooped ya out. It is exhausting :) I did this over a period of time…not in one manic marathon…that would have killed me!

    Thanks for all of your fab comments:)
    Finally…I am getting more comments:) Oh, I can add that to my list!

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