Good day fabulous dudes and dudettes!

Today’s “quote” isn’t really a quote….maybe it is.

Can a bumper sticker be a quote?

Well…anyway…here is today’s bumper sticker quote :)

“I used to have an open mind but my brains kept falling out”

I was on a call yesterday with my fabulous friends Alix and Christine…we were doing our little check in.  How is everyone doing…what’s been goin on…that sorta thing.

Alix has been busy creating an amazing website.  She has been dreaming up this website for a handful of years.  She has not only painted the image that she is using…she has somehow gotten that painting to squeeze into the ethers and now it is on her new website.  How did she do that?  She has taken this amazing painting and added all of these cool this’s and that’s too it. This site is gonna be gorgeous…bright…light-hearted and fun!  There are going to be all of these snazzy things for people to do…it will be a very interactive site.  Can’t wait to share it with all of you :)

Christine has been busy releasing birds into the wild. She helps rescue and take care of raptors and then if they can go back into the wild…she releases them!  How awesome is that?  Right now, here in Colorado…there is a bunch of these amazing raptors getting ready to migrate down to Argentina.  She has spent the last few weeks looking for the swarming birds.  She found them a couple of days ago.  So, for the next few days she will be releasing birds so that they can migrate with this swarm of feathered friends.  So cool.  It makes me cry every time she talks about it!

Then, it was my turn to share.

How am I doing?



Let’s keep focusing on you babes.

You both are doing amazing things…

I wanna hear more…

but, they really wanted to know how I was doing…my little tricks were not gonna work this time…

Okay then.  Here ya go…

I am hot, fussy and I want to be left alone!  Something about these constant hot flashes trigger overwhelm and I feel like my brains just spill out of my head.  So, I have been hanging out alone a lot to keep my little tiny brained contained.  I can’t keep it open and working for to long or it starts doing weird things.

I am happy that my brilliant friends are out doing brilliant things.

I am just too damned hot to join them.

Well, my brain has been open for too long writing this blog…time for another cold shower and a glass of ice water~

I can’t wait for it to snow….

4 Responses to “Quote Friday~”

  1. One of my favorite phrases :-) I hear you about the hot flashes. I have horrible hot flashes for about 3 hours after I take my meds — it’s been going on for years. I LOVE cold weather. It’s been down in the low 60’s at night here for the past few days and it’s been fantastic. Bedroom window open with fan blowing that cold air right into the bedroom! And coffee out on the deck on a cold morning AHHHHH!! Heaven!

  2. Hey there Sherlock~ Sorry to hear that you share in my misery! I am crossing my fingers that cold weather gets here soon….then I will sit outside with my coffee all cold and cheerful:)
    How is facebook going?

  3. Hey there hot mama! Just think of all the money you will save on sweaters, coats and fuel to keep you warm this winter. Sure the fella may get cold, but he’ll just have to snuggle up to ya! Stay cool. t

  4. Hey Tara! My fella has already been wondering about the winter….he has been saying things like “Oh no! I am gonna REALLY freeze this winter…aren’t I?” or “We can’t keep the house BELOW 68 degrees this year!”
    I just blankly stare at him while I wipe the sweat off my face 😉
    The problem with these so called power surges is that I don’t want him close at all! I don’t want to snuggle ;( I am too flippin hot…and not in a good way!!!!

    Signed: shakin and bakin in Colorado

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