Do you remember the book “I may not be perfect, but parts of me are excellent”?  It was written by a smart fella named Ashleigh Brilliant. You have probably seen many of his phrases on the back of cars and in card shops.  Anyway, one of my favs of his is this one:

“If things don’t improve soon I may have to ask you to stop helping me”


Recently, I was busy doing some this’s and that’s outside and my son came out.

Son:  “Hey mom, do you need any help?”

Me:  “Sure!!!!  That would be awesome:)”

Son:  “Where do you want me to start?”

Me:  “Well let’s see.  Can you bag up all of that, that and that?”

Son: “Yep!”

At this point, I had received a call that I had to take and went inside for a few.  When I came out, he had definitely bagged a bunch of stuff.  But, since he couldn’t find the big black lawn bags….he used every single kitchen garbage bag.  They are little and white.  They hold about 10 weeds a piece.

The box was new.  30 per box.  He used every one of them!

I looked at his earnest face…”Thanks!”  I said.

“Happy to help!” he said

As he went inside and I looked at all the little white bags I had two thoughts.

Thought 1:  I love that my son is such a helpful fella

Thought 2:  Crap!  Now we don’t have any more kitchen bags.  I wonder if I can dump all these weeds into the lawn bags and reuse them?

So, I did just that!

My son came back outside and saw what I was doing. He hadn’t seen that the lawn bags were sitting right there.

He grinned at me.

I grinned back.

Son: “Guess I wasn’t much of a help!”

I looked at him and smiled.  We both laughed.  He came over and we finished up the job.

It took us twice as long as it would have taken me alone.

But, it was a beautiful day and it was so nice to hang out with him.

Hope you make some nice memories today :)

4 Responses to “Quote Friday :)”

  1. That is an incredible story, Lynne! It reminds me of the Amelia Bedelia books. She was always trying to help, but usually missed the point and ended up being more of a liability. (I’m not saying your son is a liability…he sounds like a mighty fine person to be helping his mama like that!)

  2. Hey Erin~ I love the Amelia Bedelia books. Thanks for the reminder :)
    Your right…he is definitely not a liability…he was just dreaming about other things when he was helping!
    Hope you enjoyed our snowy weekend!

  3. I giggled through this whole story Lynne. What an awesome son you have. Sounds like he has his mom’s sense of humor.

  4. Hey Kerry~ Yep…poor kid has my sense of humor. I wonder if humor is genetic? He also got my goofy grin :)

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