I went to my doctor a couple weeks ago looking for some help with all of this hotflash…IC burning out of my mind stuff.  When she enters the room she gives me a big smile:

Doc:  “How are you feeling?”

Me: “Not so grand”

Doc: “Well, I want you to feel grand!!!”

Me:  Starting to sob. “Me too!!!! (sniff)”

I hate when that happens.  I am usually so bad ass!  But nay…this time I started bawling…couldn’t stop the tears for few minutes.

After mopping up my face with a second tissue:

Doc: “Well It seems as though the ovary we left behind has pooped out which has thrown off your hormones a bit.”

Me: still sniffing:  “How can you tell?”

After a fast exam (I was in the middle of an IC extravaganza and being messed around with down there just ain’t no fun!!!), I got dressed and then we had a chat.

We decided on a course of action:  Accupunture and synthetic hormones.

I just love the sound of that.  Lots of contradiction!

I had done accupuncture years ago and had really good results…it just took awhile.  But hey…I got time!

Then, she took me to a hallway, opened a closet door and showed me a plethera (yes, a plethera) of hormone choices.  Lots and lots of them.  If one doesn’t work, I have lots of other options.  I like that.

We decided on one…nice colored bottle with pretty writing 😉 and she gave me two samples…one light and the next one a little stronger.

Last week I started the lighter one…within 3 days…3 days!!!!! my hot flashes were cut in half.  And my weepiness had settled down.  I could actually watch the birds at the bird feeders without crying about how the grackles were picking on the finches.  What a relief :)

This week I started on the stronger one.  Hot flashes are almost completely gone…but…and this is a big but…my IC got all stirred up again.  Yesterday, I was down for the count.  Had to cancel my whole flippin day.  B-U-M-M-E-R!!!!!

And this morning…not feeling too dandy!

So, I am gonna go for the lighter dose with a handful of hotflashes.  I can handle that!  Then in a couple of weeks I will add the accupunture.

Hormones are such tricky, sensitive little buggers.  But, I gotta tell ya…it makes such a difference to have a doctor who listens, and wants to help :)  I am bummed that the burning is still here AND I am hopeful that there is something to soften it..maybe even cure it :)

Now that is good doctoring!

4 Responses to “To Hor-a-mone or not to Hor-a-mone~”

  1. It takes so much courage to share yourself with us in this way, Lynne! You are “good doctoring” for the rest of us – in your heart warming, funny, radical, bad-ass-babe, wise woman way. And I’m glad to know someone else cries when the grackles beat up on the finches.

  2. Yep, Christine said it! xxoo

  3. Hi Lynne,
    Might you be reacting to the artificial dye in the hormones? Even the small amounts in coventional medications will sent IC off in me.
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Hey Suz~ Thanks for stopping by! That is an interesting point. I am not sure. I have been on these for about 1 1/2 months now and I seem to be “getting used” to them. The burning has really settled down. We shall see.

    Thanks for the heads up about the dyes~
    Stop by again :)

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